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Self-Healing Tones-Part 7

Incorporating the tones offering healing to a current issue is a study well worth investigating. For example, users of cell phones: the choice of ring-tone will in large part determine the attitude toward incoming calls. One sales person used a cavalry charge ringtone. One free mosquito ring tone caused my stomach to churn. The tone was labeled ‘mosquito’ and as not heard by elders or folks over 20. This elder heard the tone easily!

I ask myself, “Will that tone affect everyone as it affected me?” I venture to suggest, no, at least a few were not affected as I was. That said, the neighbors of those downloading may be adversely affected both by the cellphone ringtones as well as the resonance of the tones echoing through the cell phone owner.

A lovely Christmas boundary is limiting exposure to tones not easeful for me. I found myself asking for guidance about this boundary, and I woke up this morning with working, roleplaying examples flowing through my consciousness like a fire hydrant exploding on a city street. I guess I popped the cork on a study long overdue.

Like a little bit of beer, a little bit of a dis-ease will not put me under the table. Still I admit hearing of that 5 second mosquito tone was more than enough for this lifetime while a relative or a neighbor at Christmastime is not so easily dispatched. Expressing a genuine attitude about an exposure boundary does require practice and earnest evaluation of harmless intention. Integrity in action will allow me to gently and easily enjoy the peaceful holiday spirit.