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Self-Healing Tones-Part 6

A tone is also called a frequency or vibration. When someone sings a specific tone, a glass can break or at an opera hearts can break for the performance. The opera ordinarily is built around a set of emotional themes (also called tones) that invite the audience participation with the theme.

The renowned operas carry themes often lived by normal people day by day. While the theme repetition does allow experimenting with a variety of outcomes with different players and different backgrounds, at some point the “run” is over and the troupe goes their separate ways. Their show has run its course. While there may be nostalgia, the show is done. Life does go on.

My 2013 opera is coming to the final celebrations: Christ enmass holiday spirit and ringing out the old year. My celebrations will be with fire, lists of completed todos/tadas, and thanksgiving for the power and passion to complete them. The tone I will be transmitting is thanksgiving. It has been a year of 528 hertz, miracles, for which I am exceedingly grateful.

Among the tadas is a new celebration theme: “Thank you for doing that for me” will be applied to some of the actions I observed and chose actively not to repeat. I am grateful that the other person did the doing and will live their own consequences; I actively chose not to participate, thank you very much. My celebration is that their performance will complete; I need not be present or experiment with their opera. I am done, and I thank the troupe for performing. While there may be nostalgia and a sigh from time to time, life goes on. For all the paths I chose not to take, I am grateful to tone done. The tone of gratitude for me is OM, 136.1 hertz.