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Self-Healing Tones-Part 5

Senses have been trained to be subservient to sight in this visual media-rich American culture. Retraining in omni-sensation (tasting, feeling, hearing, smelling AND seeing) is easily started with using sounds like 528 hertz to balance the halves of the brain. Evolving senses to discern ease and grace is the normal result of retraining the five senses into omnibrain superpower sensing.

First pick a tuner or single sound tool that you are familiar with. My preference is choosing a tuner that my body has shown it likes by tickling my internally monitors–like breathing more easily or more deeply. Alternatively I use a pendulum to select the tuner for a particular meditation including most benevolent and joyful for the current adventure. Please be aware that the body preference will change over time and with specific intentions.

Next tone the tuner and present it to the palms of each hand by presenting the stem to the palms one at a time. This allows the body a heads up that something new is being started. Feel for changes or indications of bodytalk briefly, also check for waiting, undelivered messages.

Third, tone the tuner and present the tone to first one ear for a breath and then the second ear for a breath. Ask questions without judgement for the answers, like:
Did one ear hear a different tone?
Was one ear hearing louder tones?
Was one side of the head or neck more at ease while listening?
Did the body start to giggle like a joyful child with a new toy?
Were colors present or changing or flashing?
Were tastes or sensing of electricity present?
What changed? Was the change accompanied with an ahhh-haaaa discoveries or new methods to bodytalk?
Do you feel pain? If you do feel pain, was the pain heightened or reduced and did you feel or hear any messages related to the pain?
Do you remember spontaneously moving when you heard the tones? If so, was there a message attached attached to the movement? What was it?

Last, invoke an attitude of gratitude for the moment. The intention to have heightened awareness is now anchored and will remain and encourage the body to develop new levels of bodytalk. Childhood bodytalk now will be enhanced with the awareness earned through the fullness of life experiences. As life is celebrated in this manner, those patterns not serving an enhanced awareness will simply not be fed energy to slough off like an old scab to reveal the healing.

Thank you for finding this meditation. May you find ease and joy with its experience.