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Self-Healing Tones-Part 4

Sounds dance with each other in creation of energy waves, intersecting and jumping. Some energy flows to foreground as chi gifted to my presence for use in acting grace. Some energy creates the surroundings and funds the feelings others are attracted into for participating with me. I choose ease and grace at this time.

The manner of breathing and the tempo of a breath affects the human body much like a pebble dropping into a pond creates concentric waves. Breathing in slowly and regularly brings a contemplative sound tone while reading, meditating, or working. Breathing in rapidly and shallowly can bring adrenaline and tones of excitement at an amusement park. Breathing in rapidly and exhaling while singing, primal sounding, and chanting mantras may guide the body tones into specific energy focus. Focused breath with tai chi actions or yoga postures encourages the body to integrate with mind and emotions. I find it is about convergence in expression–all levels, all senses, all energies, and all intentions united for a purpose at this moment. Regular practice allows quick responses even when present in an unfocused, chaotic space.

I often experience inhaling through the nose and out through the mouth to quietly brings congruence at a checkout or in a charged work space. Usually I sense the surroundings respond with my intention of inner peace. Use of visualizations and involving the 5 senses further brings the stillness of the now moment. The more congruence to my emotions, the greater the awareness of the healing. You may ask if I am controlling the outer energy of a situation while I feel I am working with sound awareness in my center based on long internal practices of meditation, martial arts, and yoga.

When I feel mental or emotional confusion, I have the opportunity to listen for the sounds of my internal body orchestra to know what my body is feeling. It is my choice to listen. It is my choice to offer sanctuary. When I offer myself peace and dance with my inner being it is my intention to be offering myself the highest form of love that I know to give myself at this time.