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Self-Healing Tones-Part 2

I began intensive studies of the OM and Solfeggio tuners sold by Biosonic in 2006 for resolving migraines and orthopedic injuries to back, knees, and shoulder. While I was exceedingly grateful that the OM tuner did provide increasing intervals of migraine relief, I sought more healing for myself. UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA and the OM tuner have been nearby ever since. The OM tuner can reduce my joint inflammation while the Solfeggio tones help me clear the trauma of injury and reinjury.

Hiking about 21 miles in the Tetons last month, I used the OM tuner to celebrate the day’s miles hiked and encourage healing rest. The Solfeggio tones brought me new levels of meditative internal quietness. Healing of mind, body, and spirit was guided by the wilderness sounds and feel of wind. Brilliant sunrises and sunsets wove in the sense of sight further engaging my spirit. Fresh glacial fed streams provided most wonderful tasting icy cold water. The smell of the grass and water above the timberline and the trees below completed the full sensory experience. The fresh mountain chi refreshed my soul.