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Self-Healing Tones–Part 1

While I find the OM tuner uses are unlimited, the healing uses of the Solfeggio Tones remain much more specific. The OM tuner encourages contemplative actions and attitudes. The Solfeggio tuning forks used singularly or in combinations supports inner quiet much like a good vacuum cleaner removes the dust motes leaving a brilliant sunbeam in a room.

How does this differ from other healing methods? Most healing methods are based on an exchange of energies with another person. Intention may or may not have been discussed before the session began. Practices often vary little between clients. These form of healing can be likened to a broad stroke with an artist’s brush and are very useful in general well-being.

When accompanied by the Solfeggio tones, I find healing energies and intention can become a loving, nuturing, finite purpose agreed on by all present. The tones of the Solfeggio gently convert discordant thoughts, trauma, and experiences into harmonic resonances of the healing intention. Chi is both created by the tuning fork strike and sound ripples into the energy field of the recipient enlivening the force field with harmonic healing intention. This win/win experience supports the practitioner and recipient as well as provides rest and the energy to manifest changes toward healthy, loving expressions of life.