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Heart Opening and Mudra Uses

I have studied hand positions in pictures and in statues for quite a while, and I cannot say just when I started consciously using hand mudras. I feel that I began studying hand positions because I found myself habitually holding my hand in a position that I eventually found developed a yin energy within the body early in my childhood. I did this for years; eventually I found I was in fact caring for my body by using certain hand positions. I was fascinated by studying the hand dances of certain cultures. Over time I had to become quite discrete in use of hand mudras lest I am an object of ridicule in the American culture AND discretely studied by other cultures while sitting in continuing education classes, buses and BART.

Vast numbers of hand positions gently open and close our powerful hand energies, and conscious use of the hand positions has been found to encourage the weave of physical, mental and spiritual around a perceived goal. For this posting, I bring in the heart mudra, Gyan Mudra, as it was a focus for my thoughts yesterday. This mudra is often seen related to the Budda by pictures and statues. A review of Manley P Hall illustrations of the ages show more examples. I will be celebrating this day with Gyan Mudra conscious focus.

Heart Chakra – Gyan Mudra http://thehealingsphere.blogspot.com/2010/05/mudra-for-opening-chakras.html