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Sensory Filtering and Spasm Energy Balancing

Balancing energies while sitting in my breezy outdoor office is easy. The muted sunlight, swishing green tree leaves, breeze on my skin, children’s laughter and scent of tomatoes nearly ripe bring a high level of contentment to me. Being outside in a place I consider beautiful brings my energy to a quiet, expansive center. Bringing an afterglow of these energies with me to the hot, sunny garden or to the shade of my indoor accounting office does require refocusing. The eyes focus quite quickly to the new role as vision has been trained to do so in this media-rich culture.

In Mystery Schools of old, blindfolds were used to facilitate the training of the ‘clair” sensory perceptions. In my many decades of research on this topic, deprivation was often the basis for moving to the next level.

I feel we are going past ‘clair’ by going into ‘omni’ more each moment. For me omni is the weaving of all the senses through the weaving of the halves of the body–right and left–becoming the core of ONE. I observe myself constantly seeking new ways of weaving senses together to find new layers of meaning carried in the woven perception of now.

Clients often use our tuning fork sounds to focus on their spasm-stored memory. I listen very carefully to any description of triggered memory to determine whether more than one sensation can be brought into the setting being described. The second sensation could be the smell of a flower or of growing earth. To fully engage a memory for balancing a muscle spasm or trauma, I encourage weaving as many senses to the memory as possible. The clarity of the memory recall allows the full awareness necessary for complete information processing and freeing of any and all blockages. The life journey can then be acknowledged and owned as a learning awareness no longer requiring pain to be the only expression available to the body.