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Two Blessed Days of Rain

While it has rained between April and November in my San Francisco Bay area, I do not recall two days of summer rain back to back in the 25 years I have been here. Foggy days usually do come to embrace the trees in misty moistness with a few droplets occasionally touching earth. The last two days have had measurable precipitation, and I am ever so glad. Many of the fire prevention activities will need to be redone; extra sheep will probably be brought to graze down public areas.

For me the key point is the native trees will live more vigorously. We had such a long, warm, early, and dry spring from about February through May that the luxury of rainfall amid the near 100 degree days is a relief. Perhaps even the golfers will relent and say they too are pleased and continue golfing through the droplets.

I have been thinking about rainwater catchment, and I had thought to wait until November when the rains normally start. These rainy days are an incentive to developing a series of covered 5 gallon or more storage containers in the greenhouse and beside the porch. I will start with my 5 gallon water cooler bottle today.