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Reading Sonic Mole Chasers Reviews

I have carefully read about 150 sonic mole chaser reviews on Amazon. One review was by a neighbor impaired by the ‘about 300 hertz’ 15 second sonic intervals. In the review, the neighbor first sought help with plumber and then electrician to find the source of the persistent and irritating intermittent pulses. Although two review comments expressed disbelief, steel plumbing could easily transmit this noise. Since a mighty pickaxe strike resonated out the second story bathroom plumbing a split second before water spouted knee high at the point of my pickaxe, I do not doubt in the least that the sonic intervals could be transmitted into a neighbors steel plumbing and their house through hardpan clay soils.

Similarly, I had a computer that I turned into the techies to cure the intermittent sound that brought me headaches and distractions. As this was a Fortune 500 company, the techies simply swapped mine for a different unit immediately. They they gave my former unit to one of my staff who began having headaches. I saw it had been mine, so I had her turn in the unit. Her problems stopped as quickly as mine had stopped.

Edgar Cayce is quoted in a reading as saying: “Nothing is good or bad but that thinking makes it so.” Honing awareness and neutral observation quickly provide the means to move past blockage and defeat. Moving past may be as simple as saying a quiet ‘No”, seeking out alternatives, or checking with professionals. Physically moving from the situation may be advisable though not always available.

For those who cannot easily move from the situation, Winston Churchill is often quoted as “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” With fear and anger being the same chemical response in the body, prisoners of war and conscious objectors developed unusual and remarkable methods to bring control back to the prisoner. Luckily, many of these tools have been documented. One fellow used to stick bamboo splinters through his ear lobes that he would wiggle to remind him to not listen to anything but his heart song. Others used mantra. Other used to touch arms or legs or hands to remind themselves to not listen to anything outside that was happening. Others pinched or hit themselves. In most every instance, the body was given a stressor to address at the cellular level that the mind and emotions could be used to focus the energies.

Sound therapy using tuning forks does engage the body at the cellular level. Using the OM tuner allows the body to be present in a safe space. Trauma can be released so that the cells remember peace. The emotions, mind, and spirit can be aligned in peace in soft sounds and gentle motions. From the space of peace, awareness and neutral observation understanding of how to move past blockages become available.

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