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It Rained on May 27th!

Delightfully, the sky has again darkened with a few more drops of rain squeezed from the clouds. In Fairfield, CA normal years have rain until the start of April to not resume until November. The dust and pollen was rinsed from the sky several times today. The trees sigh, and the apricot is practically grinning. What a strange year this has been! The golfers will be unhappy; the plants appear to be delighted with the moderate temperatures and moist air.

The conversion from lawn to drought resistant landscape proceeds, and my water bill already is the least of any partial May! The rebate will cover most of the costs of the bark, Lodi 3/4″ river rock, conversion to drip, and landscape underlayment. The reduced water and lawn mowing costs will promptly pay back the rest. The added bonus is that upkeep will be easier, as the edible perennial additions are being sown from seed this week when the raised front flower bed is completed.

Stay tuned for June meetups and class announcements!