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Documentation of Lawn Rebate Arrived from the Solano Water District

As of May 2, my rebate was preinspected, and formally preapproved. I am in the process of replacing 825 square feet of sprinkler serviced lawn into drought resistant plantings with drip irrigation. The first gravel and woodbark delivery is tomorrow. Drip irrigation lacks only a handful of irrigation tips for the next rest period. The area beside the drive has the grass tops removed, ready for the doubled 3.5 mil non-woven fabric. Another 10 inches will have the top 2″ of grass veg cleared along the front. Both will be replaced with Lodi 3/4″ tomorrow. Wood chips will cover cardboard for the top 20′ X 10′ of lawn, so that is a reversible decision in a couple of years. Either it will go into tiered flower beds eventually or refreshed with woodchips periodically. I think of this as phase 1 for completion tomorrow.

The plan is for two concentric circles 15′ and 3′ respectively separated into 6 petals. The center circle will be raised approximately 36″, and imperial artichokes will be planted from seed. Each of the petals will be planted with seeds of perennial sage. lemon grass, coriander, and some others supplemented with annuals on the outer rim. The outer rim candidates are swiss chard, dinosaur kale, and stevia. The expected date of completion of phase 2 is May 25th.

I expect sound classes to resume in June. A meetup is planned for June with an open house. Watch for details.