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Self-Healing Tones-Part 3

Inspiring self appears a self-perpetuating process even as breathing appears to be a self-perpetuating process. Conscious breath becomes a choice for expressing natural internal peace. Inspiration becomes a basic and natural access to all of self. Inviting wholesome energy in with each breath creates a stream of blessings to the body and conspires to unite body, mind, and spirit.

This meditation is recommended at first to be a contemplation. The ultimate goal is inspiring connection to self at all levels and in all spaces experienced whether moving or still. Begin with breathing in and observing where the breath goes. By that I mean weave as many feelings into the experience as possible.

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then observe:
Is there a smell carried on the air of dust or green leaves?
Is the air cool in the nose or the throat or the lungs?
Is there a feeling of excitement or the peace of trees carried in the air?
Is there a sound that captivates you carried in the air?
Is there a responding sound through the body as the nose fills?

Now I ask that you consciously observe all the sounds related to taking a breath. Is the body stressed and ringing bells of warning or humming? What hums sing pleasant sounds to you? Do you hear happiness lilting through the weave about something? What fills the song?

Now refocus the attention: is there a heavy discordant sound? Please take a breath to observe that one discordant sound. In the observation did the sound change? Follow any changes and observe the body’s full responses to listening clearly to its messages offered you, the body keeper. Is there a request carried on the change or a hum for perhaps water or yet another breath of peace and observation? Offering another conscious breath often has me breathing power or conscious breath into knees or eyes. What part of you is requesting conscious breath? Is there a color requested? Is there a smell or taste requested?

I ask that this meditation be used consciously for a space in time in a place of quiet. With focused intention, this study can become part of an internal screening process called an autonomic process much as the need to breathe is semi-automatic. Screening responses to stimuli while moving about during the day is a great measure of self-awareness in breath. Conscious breath can allow peace inside in all circumstances.

I often use the OM mantra to call deep relaxation to myself. Using tools like the OM tuner to facilitate relaxation and contemplation makes sense to me much as a scientist uses a screwdriver or a knob to calibrate an oscilloscope. The OM tuner’s 136.1 hertz vibration is the earth’s average tone revolving around the sun. Using the OM tuner allows my body respite, and my mind the opportunity to quieten and observe using all of my senses. Once more than one sense is woven together consciously, the omnibrain superconsciousness is accessible and more information automatically flows for making inspired choices. This conscious space of quiet breath brings me information and energy to facilitate healing through action.