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Walking Easily Again!

A 70+ year old friend recently developed a painful hip while walking her normal 3 to 5 miles a day. We discussed dehydration and its side effects of muscle spasms. She acknowledged her pain may have been after she had gotten very hot while walking. I offered her an OM tuner and hockey puck and taught her how to use them. She felt immediate relief though she did NOT tell me. While the relief was not a complete release of the lower back and thigh spasms, she sensed immediately that soon the pain would be gone so that free and painfree motion would return. However she did NOT tell ME about her relief and her inner sensing that this would work for her.

She telephoned a few minutes ago telling of finding lasting and significant relief with repeated use of the OM tuner over the last week. She is focusing on frequent use of the OM tuner, sufficient water, and gentle walking. She finds she can stand up and walk almost pain free at all times now.

My heart soars. I am well aware that sound used with proper intention does promote healing. Muscle spasms can be released with healing intention, rehydration, frequent use of healing modalities like the OM tuner sounds, and with following body knowing. While using sound may not work for everyone, the immediate effects of the OM tuner are almost always a gentle relaxation. When consistently used, this relaxation can result in complete healing. For me release of pain from migraines was facilitated by the OM tuner even while driving at night. I used other tuners to aid me in healing root causes and taking responsibility for for logical but inappropriate actions and reactions.

It is all about love. Sincerely, Heidi