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A Study on Synchronicity and Easing On

I find it too easy to keep efforting the art of moving on. In fact, it may be time to change my vocabulary from moving on to easing on. I am so willing to move on that I keep efforting when these appear to be the times for simply intending the door open and easing on. The path is clear once intention is clarified.

For most of Saturday, I engaged in a rather circular argument with myself regarding various blockages of the last 2 days. I kept asking why certain activities which used to be so easy for me have suddenly become convoluted and fatiguing. When a friend called for a telephone healing session, the tuning forks helped us both focus which lifted both of us into new spaces with revised energies.

The message given was on energy tolerance. Applying this to engines came to me on waking Sunday morning. When the tolerances are insufficient, a sparkplug will not spark properly for a given application. So too are the changing times requiring a tolerance adjustment of intention. I invite and intend the tolerance adjustment be a grace filled easing on.