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On the Resumption of U.S. Naval Seismic Sonic Activities

I have spent considerable personal resources with sound in healing underlying joint issues and releasing the habit of migraines. The art is in using the appropriate tones with the appropriate healing intentions. Some tones open the door to reclaiming health. Some tones do not heal; some tones can shatter wine glasses, bones, rocks and mountains. Do you remember the 007 movie using tones to cause earth and ocean movements? Where does testing stop and damage to the earth and her inhabitants start?

I live on a seismic fault just past my back fence by the community dogpark. I served on the park committee for years with the hope of establishing a seismic testing station in the community recreation facility or the firestation a few yards from my home. I am well aware of the effect seismic activities have on my body from personal experience, and I often have to wait for the earthquake details to be published on www.usgs.gov.

I also live within half a mile of the salt marshes of Grizzly Bear/Canadian Goose Refuge area of San Francisco Bay. My proximity to the bay does potentially include the sonic testing impulse effects. How can the sailors on the ships not feel what they are doing to themselves in the face of proven damage to nearby sea creatures. The tales of sea creatures with bloody,exploded ear drums, air bladders and permanent loss of the homing capabilities have been well documented with beachings and rescue attempts ad infinitum by periodicals, websites, and interest groups like stopfas in yahoogroups.com.

A petition is available at: http://www.petition2congress.com/9133/prohibit-military-sonar-seismic-testing-harming-marine-mammals/?m=4102018