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Choosing excellence includes evaluating and acknowledging those experiences completed or those continuing on to completion. I am grateful for every stepping stone bringing me to this space in time in my life.

My mantra at this time is “What is my level of love of self?” It is increasingly clear that doing anything resulting in mixed feelings is quite simply and frankly not expressing my love of self. So when I find my love amplified back at me by an activity, another person, circumstance, pet, or Mother Nature, I know I am on track.

With anything not reflecting my own wholesome self-acceptance back to me, I actively observe my response to find the non-love based source. Most often this is an attitude long ago investigated that needs only my acknowledgement that I am done with that learning experience. The Solfeggio tones can be used to celebrate and refine great buckets of energies much as a graduation ceremony, and private Solfeggio Sound sessions are great for developing new methods of internal refinement.

Quintessence for me is the refining of the path moving forward, nanofractile by nanofractile. With my honoring of my own completion and my gratitude for the experience, I am free to move on in wholesomeness. At that point it becomes my job to diligently not match energy with previous learning experiences. I gratefully choose to not match energy with people actively seeking their own learning at their own pace when it feels out of sync with where I am complete. Celestine Prophecies by James Redfield captures this in the 9th insight. The movie depiction of the book offers the full gamut of responses to the habit of fear as well as teaching how we can express serenity of self. ‘Stay in your own energy’ is an often repeated phrase at the end of the movie.

Please witness my gratitude for these times and learning opportunities.