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Sounding Tones to Resolve Pain

Deepak Chopra, MD, has detailed primordial sound healing for decades, and I recommend using all the primordial sounds at season change as a celebration of life or daily in resolution of long-term pain or physical/emotional trauma.

Don Campbell describes a toning exercise in his book The Mozart Effect that is similar to what I have found works best for me either using toning or tuning forks. The basic technique described by Don Campbell is to find a comfortable position with your throat and neck relaxed whether lying down or sitting. Locate the source of the discomfort. Begin sounding an ah or ou sound and visualize the pain being released. If the pain is acute, using an ee at a high pitch is recommended. Continue without straining the voice, rest regularly between tonings lasting no more than two minutes each. Chemically this can trigger an endorphin release to naturally mask the symptoms. Don reminds me any emotional origins of pain can be released through toning to enable the body healing quickly and naturally.

What I have found works best for me is to stand quietly with feet shoulder width apart, flexing my knees, centering my shoulders over my feet and knees, and tucking my abdomen and pelvic girdle back. This is similar to the horse stance of judo or the ready position in karate. If I have tuning forks ready, I listen to the OM tuner by crossing from ear to ear over the top of the head and then placing the OM tuner stem on my breast bone. Ordinarily I find myself humming to the OM tuner, and often I follow this singing the alto version of the Lord’s Prayer in the key of “OM” as a discipline, or as a study in numerology and centering. Other tuning forks can be very useful, and I tend to favor the weighted toner octave of the MI 528 miracles Solfeggio tuner. This was part of what I did to resolve my long-term migraine pain.

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