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Coherence for Quantum Healing using Healing Intention

Science has found that at least 1/3 of all healing processes is based soley on positive thought based on double-blind placebo testing.   The basis for the placebo affect on health clearly related to focus on unleashing the body’s hidden potential to heal triggered by ingesting inert substances (placebo).  Our ability to focus and call for change begins with one step toward “I AM WILLING.”

I often use a Goethe quote roughly translated into American English as:

If you think you can, begin.  There are unlimited forces in the universe waiting to aid you on your journey.

To me, communicating the coherence necessary for healing becomes a series of steps toward a perceived betterment.  Many modalities are available to facilitate focus toward coherence.  The effect of sound waves to bring congruence to people at concerts, opera, dances, and spiritual meetings is commonly accepted.  The mechanical transmitter of this entrainment and coherence may well be biophotons such as those emitted from cells and the sun. 

Tuning Forks applied with appropriate intension and using particular tones are known to facilitate coherence of mind, body, and spirit through biophotons.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.