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Watching Thought Assignment: Morphogenetic Field Theory

Our thoughts are things as demonstrated by scientific methods.  So what we choose to think does affect the things surrounding us:  people, home circumstances, physical health.  The scientific  concept of morphogenetic field is basically that non-physical blueprints give birth to forms.  According to its founder, the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, a morphogenetic field, is an equivalent to an electromagnetic field that carries information only, not energy, and are available throughout time and space without any loss of intensity after they have been created.   While this has been used primarily to describe genetic choices of health, the principle is consistent with every healing modality I have embraced.  I choose love to be manifested through my thoughts, even love for my propensity to heal others to the extent it may appear outwardly to be to my detriment.  In fact, what does not kill me, does help me learn and to be a better, stronger, more capable me.  Why?  Because that is my chosen expression of learning.

Our intentions are thought things.  What we define as our truth, becomes a study for whether we move on or march in place.  I choose now; I choose to ask what is true now.  I choose to own this circumstance is what I created so that I would learn and choose again.