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Changing Chaos using AOS

I have new vocabulary for the processes of moving to center courtesy of Veronica’s Eloheim offering Randy guidance.  When I have chaotic thoughts as I did on waking, I can now consciously apply the AOS process:  awarenerss, ownership, and step-by-step back to center. Changing chaos, I choose A-O-S.

The immediate chaos on waking was that I became AWARE my body was STILL asking to use part of my brain in a different manner.  It was one of those ‘Houston, We have a problem’ type messages that part of me was not allowing part of me to receive.

The next process went like this:  I OWN that I made choices that I can choose differently from the 2012 version of me.  I consciously choose to use my brain in a balanced manner–and I saw some scenes from a journey inward and felt some internal changes of pressures inside my head.  The next step was to move around and walk for a bit to observe what has changed.

I became aware of more internal peace.  I own that I had consciously chosen to filter input so I could focus on the projects before me.  Stepping back to see the bigger picture is necessary to balance perspectives.

The step-by-step back to better balance is still continuing this morning.  Now has me aware I am better able to put aside the glasses and own the fact I am able to control/scroll the screen display print bigger to type this and view the screen without strain or glasses.

Stay tuned for more uses of AOS:  awareness, ownership, step-by-step