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Defragmenting the Ligand/receptor Interaction–I am willing!

Reading The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy [Kindle Edition] By: Cyndi Dale, the chapter entitled Sound Healing was a complete validation of my years of work with the modality of sound.   Listening to my body stretch had been part of my early yogic training and teaching.  The sounds of jogging along on a sunny spring morning was a delight still cherished.  The thrill of my body  hiking trails at 10,000 feet in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming is with me now.  And I remember hearing the sounds of the broken bones and torn ligaments attempting to heal.

You may ask whether I hear all that?  Well, yes, I always have and yes, I do, no stethoscope needed.  So, hearing my kindle read me Cyndi Dale’s words of sound as a mechanical healing energy captured my complete attention.  Cyndi quotes “The Biochemical Side of Emotions” that the body uses sound to regulate more than 50% of the body processes through ligand/receptor interaction.  My truth is when my body is injured and seeking validation of the injury, I have the opportunity to acknowledge the pain.  My masseuse Kristin calls this process “Kiss the BooBoo” letting the body move on through the healing process.  I usually find myself talking to the injury–broken bone, torn ligament, muscle spasm–to tell it I am sorry and name what I did if I know of the event.  Sometimes my body does not tell me what I did until some time later, and there is the rub.  The validation did not come in a timely manner, the cellular conversations are blocked at the ligand/receptor level by an emotional block.  Using sound allows the body to process the emotions,  and allows me as the operator to learn and validate the injury to promote complete healing.   My good friend Cindy uses her beautiful body mantras to validate the stresses and call for complete healing.  Both masseuses use cell-talk, and they use tuning forks afterward to reinforce their work.

Those times that my body is not validated can result in the body passing the pain on to a place I can not as easily ignore.   For instance, my ankle tendon may not be making enough static about the injury, so it resorts to heating the area, swelling inflammation, and sending the pain to a place I am less likely to ignore.   For me most pain killers like asprin cause allergic reaction or side-effects.  I never have been one to take pain killers; I chose ice, and learning to acknowledge and validate the booboo.   And I have learned to pull out my OM tuner and melt the swelling at the ankle and knee.    I have done the same for clients.  Then using the Solfeggio Tones, the body injury trauma can be toned away for at least a time and often permanently.

Emotional trauma, too, is stored at the cellular level using similar mechanics.  Unexplained fears like the fear of being in crowds can be stilled with sounds like the OM tuners 136.1 hertz.  When used with persistence and supported by healing intention, the body is released from the habitual response and obligation to store the fear of crowds information.  Using the Solfeggio body tuners called SomaTuners allows habitual fears to drop away in a manner similar to that of the Solfeggio Tones.   When I saw my 97 year old father stand up to his full 5’11” after a SomaTuner spinus process, I watched him easily sit up, stand and stretch,  and say how good his back felt–no aches, in fact nothing hurt at all.  Then he crouched down to below my 5’3″  so he would not have far to fall if the vertigo came.   His body and emotions responded wonderfully to the healing, and his habitual choice to fear sucked him into postures inviting spasms in his back.

Consciously choosing a healing intention and acknowledging “I am willing” is an integral part of moving past habitual responses and consciously claiming resolution to pain.  I often follow an emotion to resolution and state emphatically that I am done with that.  In that manner, I invite insight, make the space for new thoughts, and demonstrate that I am willing to move on.

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