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Sound Therapy Coaching and Self-Centering Actions

The act of drawing and releasing breath can be done in many formats for accomplishing infinite purposes.  I recently watched the www.tuninginmovie.com’s, “Tuning In” to find myself fascinated with the styles of breathing displayed by these world famous channelers.  Parts of the show evoked such a response in me that I watched a few of the breathing techniques again and again.  Consciously starting my breathing exercises as a very young child competing with adults in my first scuba diving skills test, I remain fascinated with the mechanics of breath.  From the tales of the pearl divers being underwater for 5 minutes or more to the feats of strength displayed by women lifting cars off their children while breathing in great gusts of air, I feel the breath process remains the most intimate exchange of the animating life-force.  Phrases like the ‘last gasp attempt’ have always teased and pleased me.  As a child I had great lists of folksayings on health, many of which centered on the breath of life.  The breath studies in yoga and with Astara were underscored with new layers of meaning in judo and karate.   Now I am passing on my lifetime of self-centering through breath in my sound therapy work.  Please stay tuned for more on this topic.