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The Gentle Way

Sound therapy includes bringing the memories of trauma to a place of rest.  A half-hour SomaTuner spinus process is a very gentle way to begin processing trauma.  I had learned from my Father that the SomaTuner octaves of the Solfeggio frequencies allow trauma to be processed slowly and completely at the cellular level.  While the most immediate benefit of the spinus process is a sensation of calm due to the reduction of musclar stress, the longer response from the body is a reduction of habitual clutter at the cellular level.   Habitual movements and mannerisms can be reviewed from a newer and more open space, and changing the mechanics of movement can be more easily accomplished.  Also there is the clinically proven “NO puffing” and the release of the bloat of nitric oxide which in turn allows the cells to more easily obtain and digest nutrients.

The Solfeggio tones are carried in the etheric energy tuners, and the results of sound therapy varies from the SomaTuners.  Sometimes vivid memories come up for us to work through  during the work with the etheric tuning forks.  Talking  through memories and clarifying responses is easily done.  My client and I discuss healing intention, completions of the healing of traumatic events, and how to bring any unresolved memories to a place of rest.  Then we proceed with any revised intention of healing and celebrating the completions.   Celebrating completions allow the creation of open space for new thoughts, intentions, or projects accompanied by a sensation of peace.