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Sound Coaching Webinars with Self-Improvement Tools

I have been capturing coaching tools into one, two, and three hour presentation concepts and support materials.  Concepts like walking on your heels into new circumstances in place of leaning forward into other folks’ energy, and methods to center and move past habitual thought responses into gentle awe and excitement for now.

This information is the result of my own efforts and what has worked for me.  I have been placing myself in major injuries, fortune 500 job changes, family and friend caretaking, and small business ownership for my sound and accounting services for over a decade.  There has been much to be present with and to move through; and, there was little time to process change.  I chose to process huge internal changes while maintaining my balance and not getting stuck on any one desired outcome.

I am designing these presentations to include password protected review areas.  Those folks not able to attend the live event(s) will be able to access the classes and materials for a small fee.  I feel it is necessary to do this for my own development as too often I have given too much with unexpected results directed back to me.  Short and simple surveys will be made available within the review site to find ways to improve the site, presentations, topics, and the materials.

Please contact me with concept ideas and suggestions for support materials that you want to see included here.