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Four Markers of Healing Intention

Marker 1:  I am in the Zone.  Zoning into healing virtue is an art form practiced in all the martial arts and yoga expressed as focus through meditation.  The act of owning completeness and fulfillment makes space for clarity as well as space for potential actions to be expressed.  Tai Chi practices owning potentiated space through the flow of chi. Honoring the cooperation of the healing virtue is a gift of grace deserving practice.  What disciplines have you developed?

Marker 2:  Quiet time. Actively seeking clarity of purpose is a marker of healing intention.  Setting aside some time in the day for quiet is my practice. What works for you?

Marker 3:  Multiple access points.  A single breath drawn with healing intention brings me to center most of the time.  The question “What is true now?” will allow me to bridge my freshly centered energy and the circumstance calling for my conscious breath.    For example, a friend is upset and approaches me with the intention of engaging my energy.  I take a conscious breath to arrive at my own center before engaging in conversation.  “What is true now” may be that my friend looks nicely dressed or that there are comfortable places to sit together for a chat.  The energy directed at me is diverted into a momentary choice before I consciously invite their intended topic to our  conversation.  In that manner we both have had the space to breathe a shared moment of quiet together, to simply enjoy each other, before sharing our experiences.  My friend and I are free to choose the level of engagement from a calmer perspective.  How would you greet your friend?

Marker 4:  The attitude of gratitude brings altitude.  Actively searching for a foothold of gratitude allows me to move to my healing space.  Watching  the roller and paint tray bump to the floor brought great thanks that there was no paint in the tray.  Had there been paint, the cement floor would have cleaned quite easily.  I find gratitude is my quickest way to move from emotional sabotage of “Why did I do that!” to “What is the next step” choices from a point of clarity.  How are you kind to yourself?