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Healing Intention is the Key-What do you choose now?

Entrainment or resonance allows subtle changes at the cellular level to align with the dominant vibration.  Group consciousness is based upon entrainment, whether in meetings, churches, or the pub.  When the group contemplates health and wholeness, a scientifically measurable subtle  energy develops quickly.  This energy has been photographed as orbs or something appearing to be snow.

When some sounds are amplified and at specific frequencies, the consequences can be significant.  It is well accepted that refreshment glasses will break during specific operatic performances.  A good summary of applied harmonics and resonance is available in this Tesla documentary:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W–_FKJnMFI&feature=relmfu

Developing a healing intention results in change of energy and focus into the choice for a new experience.  The change can be to be based on intention toward rather than away from the objective.  ‘I do not want to be sick’ puts the energy on sick.  ‘I want to be whole’ puts the energy on whole.  ‘I choose to live this moment completely’ puts the focused energy on embracing  the abundant symphony of sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, smells and subtle sensations available right where you are now.  What do you choose?