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Solfeggio Sound Stress Reduction!

Welcome to Solfeggio Sound Blog! The Solfeggio frequencies are part of the Just Intonation scale often used for Gregorian Chants and mantras.Ut_Queant_Laxis_Resonare_Fibris_[Hymn]


1 Heidi { 07.07.10 at 8:33 am }

Good News.
Opportunities to clear inner clutter's dissonance are available to all. Solfeggio sounds allow the inner heart to call for the outer environment to reflect the heart back. Are you leaking energy like a Gulf Oil Surge? Are you ready to clear your leaks and allow Mother Earth to clear hers? I own my responsibility to control my gushing energies.

2 Heidi Schunke { 07.11.10 at 2:17 pm }

Mantras are repetitively used statements; often they are statements of intention. The Gregorian Chant of St. John the Baptist chants the Latin names and the descriptions for the six frequencies of the Solfeggio scale. Along the right side of the Solfeggiosound.com site are the translations of the Latin descriptions into American English.

3 Heidi Schunke { 07.13.10 at 1:09 pm }

I am grateful to offer SomaEnergetic Energy Vitality Tuning to you. I invite your comments on the use of these tones in reducing the habit of stress gushes of energy. Bringing energy back into the system as loving, vigorous, and vibrant energy allows for new levels of concentration and creativity. Physical muscles tone as the body embraces joy in exercise. As I take responsibility for my own energy, so to are Mother Earth and all her children invited into taking responsibility. While the saying used to be, “The buck stops here,” for me it is now the gushing energy eruptions stop here.