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Biofeedback: Aura Imaging Post Tuning Session Reintegration

Making video of the tuning sessions has allowed me to appreciate the energy flows captured by the Aura Imaging system. It is great reinforcement of the level of energy available through the tuners and through collaborative healing intention.

Overall through the learning provided by several dozen folks, the most beneficial processes appear to be having a closing recording. Allowing the person to discuss their session before the video allows the practitioner and the client to review the intention, insights gained through the session, and follow-up actions. Watching the energy reflected through the computer brings into clear focus the use of words, attitudes, and thoughts invigorating energy so that the new biofeedback tooling becomes innate. To hear the “Wow, that is what I had been doing to myself” followed by the realization that refreshed energies are an attitude and breath away is awesome.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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What is gene transfer?

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary reprinting 10% into the kindle version states:
“The sharing of genetic information via gene transfer speeds up evolution since organisms can acquire ‘learned’ experiences from other organisms. (Nitz, e al, 2004; Pennisi 2004; Boucher, et al, 2003; Dutta and Pan 2002; Gogarten 2003) Given this sharing of genes, organisms can no longer be seen as disconnected entities; there is no wall between species.”

Logically, seeking our inner peace through the use of the Solfeggio Tones could alter our genes and speed up evolutionary learning. This learning would then become available to others around us as a ‘learned’ experience.

Join with me spreading inner peace one heart at a time through Solfeggio energy tuning.

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Walking the Earth Path-Part 4

It is all about choice! Breaking free from habitual responses means looking carefully at choices and intercepting the habits ever earlier in the habitual response cycle.

Many thanks from Jasmine Zheng for finding my ebook interesting. She liked it enough to translate Journaling into a Chinese version! Her choice was to make a difference, and she said if even one person was helped that was enough for her! She enjoyed my concepts enough to both translate the ideas as well as to gift Chinese version copies of the book to friends and family! What a blessing to have these ideas available in Chinese and as a paperback, and I am so grateful for this opportunity The ebook kindle verison is available at: http://www.amazon.com/Manifesting-Inner-Tranquility-Journaling-Abbys-ebook/dp/B00K0Y0RKE where the book is available for download for $2.99.

The Chinese and English version is available at: http://www.amazon.com/Manifesting-Inner-Tranquility-Journaling-Refinement/dp/1633140032 so please check it out.

Thank you, Jasmine!

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Walking the Earth Path-Part 3

Choice is present though it may be hidden in the folds of time. The parturation scene in the movie Matrix follows the famous red pill/blue pill decision. There are consequences to each decision. The choice of habit (blue pill) or the choice for new experiences of the unknown (red pill) can lead to releasing those energies no longer serving us. Most choices are not as traumatic as depicted in the movie. However, some are. The Solfeggio tones are available to aid in release of the emotions not based in a loving self. That release is part of moving on in a gentle and caring manner.

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Walking the Earth Path-Part 2

As I change, the things about me change. In the dance of life, movement is forward, backward, round, up, down, sideways..cycles within cycles. Every choice is a choice between creating a miracle or further embedding habit. The characteristics of habit include an energy body that needs to be continually renewed. The funding of habit becomes much like an addiction–the more energy consumed by refreshing the habit, the more energy is needed to continue. Fatigue sets in; habit appears easier than creating new experiences. Changing any one single thought or action will break the trend unless habit is allowed to resurface and control.

The easiest single change for me is conscious breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

The second easiest change for me is to be completely grateful about any one thing. Picking a fingernail and congratulating it for being strong today is a great beginning. Feeling the gratitude through a weave of the senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and/or hearing the scratch of the fingernail on my skin brings in omnibrain sensations and puts me well down the path of grace. As I express grace, the things about me also express grace.

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Walking the Earth Path: Part 1

On this earth journey I have known many injuries to body, mind. emotions, and spirit. The injuries I have inflicted upon myself, like injecting a rose thorn into my finger with a careless gesture, are often the easiest to heal as there is no emotional confusion woven into the event. Those injuries apparently inflicted upon me from the outside have proven the most stubborn to eradicate, and I have come to know this is because at some level I invited in, earned or requested the injury through inappropriate thoughts, responses, words, and deeds or by special request of my spirit that I may better learn to walk in the footsteps of another whose path I may not have viewed with even the simple compassion side of love. Through my behavior I had embedded an emotional confusion that became necessary to release.

As I experience it, healing old injuries is an imperative requirement for moving on with my life. I continue to view healing as a natural process, and I honor the fact that the body lusts to clear injuries completely. For me, using medications as a crutch to shield receptors from pain interferes with healing through to release. Releasing mental, spiritual and physical attachment to the injury leads to the emotional memory of the injury, and eventually leads to the emotional thought-form creating the injury as an energy weave clearing. Leaving the thought-forms embedded requires the body to mobilize greater resources to bring attention back to the source of the disturbance. The body’s cellular memory has vast resources to mobilize, and I prefer the signals of small skirmishes with ego and inner resolution to peace over great battles involving other beings and locations.

Releasing played out emotional thought forms appears to me to be an art of refreshing depleted energies to leave only the memories of the experience without emotional vexation or supercharge. Through proper intention, tools like Yoga Nidra and the Solfeggio Tones may be brought in to align surging emotions and heal the creation weave completely. Releasing the emotional binds to the memory has for me proven to finalize the healing into complete clarity of the present moment.

I find this growth into letting go becomes a celebration of self-mastery. Moving the energies marks the change from participant to that of an observer of a movie or a video game to be played or reviewed. Like masters of Chess continue to study the games of others even after they know a level of mastery, so earth bound rainbow elders like me are free to continue life reviews so long as drug intervention does not disturb or impede the wealth of information available through the healing process.

In my karate training, there had been rainbows of colors leading to the attainment of the black belt, symbol of the first level indicating mastery. This mastery quest of rainbow learning weaves itself throughout my life. In the upcoming blog series, I celebrate the life of the Crystal Rainbow Elder. In the next few days I will be presenting methods I have used successfully to move past emotional blockage and defeat, so please check back often.

Journaling has been important in my studies of self-mastery. Please check out my Amazon ebook Manifesting Inner Tranquility: Journaling for fundamental methods I have used to work through this mission critical internal process.

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OTTO Tuners and Refreshing Calcium Balance

Each OTTO tuner is an octave of the key of C: 32, 64, and 128 hertz. Historically 128 hertz has been used by the medical and chiropractic professions to detect the presence of a broken bone as it triggers muscle movement in injured areas, creating intense pain at the location of the break.

My use for the long 32 hertz placed on the breastbone is to refresh thymus energies for calcium use. The 64 hertz refreshes energies in tendons, ligaments, and discs to allow the body to remobilize calcium for healing or to release the calcium after healing has finished. The 128 hertz refreshes use of calcium in muscles for rapid healing of sports injuries and carpal tunnel. 128 hertz will also encourage fully recovered muscles to discharge the sharp calcium crystals back to bone marrow and bones.

I have designed a brochure for the OTTO tuners, and it is available in .pdf OttoTuner Uses

I sell OTTO tuner sets as well as selected other BioSonic tuning forks on location in Fairfield, CA. I offer private sessions, speaking engagements, and classes on this and other tuning fork uses upon request.

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Yoga Nidra Venue Sought

I am seeking a venue for weekly, recurring yoga nidra classes within 25 miles of the junction of I80 and I680. An ideal class would begin at 7PM to 8PM with the meditation beginning at 7:15PM after a short introductory discussion. After the session quiet will be observed to allow the meditation healing processes to continue with minimal interference.

A meetup.com listing would be as follows:
Invitation Phrase: Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Self-improvement, Consciousness, Spirituality, Wellness, Energy Healing, Stress Relief, Alternative Medicine, Healthy Living, Stress Management, Transformation, Holistic Health and empowerment.

What to bring:
Bring your own blanket, pillows & water bottles (8.5 alkaline water available on site). We will consciously invoke healing energies in shared yogic conscious relaxation.

Time allowance and Etiquette:

It is recommended that silence be practiced afterward. Allow at least 10 minutes before driving. Drinking water after the event is highly recommended to bring closure and wakefulness. (Pre)Registration limited to ___ due to space (as necessary).

Details on the instructor and instruction guidelines:
Heidi Schunke is a certified practitioner who has studied under Dr. Marc Halpern. No pets and no children who might be unable to participate quietly for 45 minutes of yogic conscious relaxation, please, as a courtesy to others. Discussions and intentions will be discussed before the session. Closing discussions will be held outside the healing space as desired. Please see SolfeggioSound.com for more information.

I would appreciate your feedback and your consideration of locations for this class. Please contact me with specific details and information.

You may also contact me through facebook.

My Yoga Nidra cd is available on Amazon.com as part of the Abby’s Glory Series, Manifesting Inner Tranquility.

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Written Clarification for Journaling the Elder Futhark Contextual Uses

Thank you for questions on my journaling books, and especially thank you for asking about the Elder Futhark rune meaning selection. Definitions of the runes in modern American English have been translated many times from origins and into many current languages. The most ardent of scholars analyze text to arrive at the historically and culturally contemplated rune meanings using texts from the carvings on wood, wax, stone, and walls as well as reconstructed museum pieces in use in private homes and public collections. The meanings I have provided in my Journaling the Elder Futhark are those carrying the highest level of meaning for me with words chosen to respect the Elder’s communication. The methods I describe have been used for several decades by myself and my friends in a current cultural context to develop internally directed and reflected energy dialog. My methodology was the purpose of the book, and my friends encouraged me to refresh and release it as a paperback so others could develop their own inner dialog.

As noted on page 7 of Manifesting Innter Tranquility: Rune Journaling the Elder Futhark, Sweyn Plowrights’s The Rune Primer is an example of a scholarly reconstruction of the shifting and changing meanings of multiple runesets within the original culture contexts.

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Aura Imaging at the Globe International Sound Healing Conference

On Saturday, August 27, 2014, I was privileged to offer the Solfeggio Tones to Douglas Banks ears and head while he was being photographed by Aura Imaging. Examples of aura images are described along with a video on the Aura Imaging site.

“Kirlian photography equipment captures a subtle field of electromagnetic energy that radiates from all living things, otherwise known as an aura. In Western religious traditions, you can often see it portrayed in art as a halo surrounding saints or Deity. In Eastern religious traditions, it is thought to emanate from the chakras—or centers of energy within the body—and is often depicted as a multi-colored body of light surrounding a person.” See More at Kirlian Photography Equipment

To see the video of my demonstration of the Solfeggio Tuning Forks and the happines the tones brought to Douglas, go to http://youtu.be/BOyVljT03fk

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Being Whole and Completely Present

My success in debunking my concepts of outer life service mentality and submersion of self to the experience vs being present in the circumstance has been tested and retested ad infinitum recently. The last few times there was only the recognition of “I once would have participated in that” along with a quiet realization of quiet. Where once I would have celebrated completion with a smile or a response, there has only been the sense of inner quiet like a boat gently rolling in the ocean. I have tried to express this concept of quiet, and I just found an excerpt that expresses what I call being present with a situation but not of the situation.

Excerpt from Gandaji’s You are That page 312 on service: “When you see yourself in another form and that form is suffering or confused, what is in the best service of truth?
To be absolutely quiet. Quiet provides the only true help, and from the depths of quietness, either particular action or nonaction will naturally arise. No thought is needed for direction. Anything else is involvement in a particular story of suffering. As long as you are involved in the particular story of suffering, you are overlooking what has never suffered. Recognize what is whole and complete, now and eternally. True recognition is the mother of all acts of compassion.

Quiet holds the whole spectrum of behavior. There is a ruthlessness and relentlessness to compassion, as well as a gentleness and lightness. The whole range of experience can serve truth.”

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Edgar Cayce on Planets referenced to Planetary Tuning

Jeffrey Furst’s Edgar Cayce’s Story of Attitudes and Emotions speaks to the effects of planetary alignment. “Spiritual contact is (made) through the glandular forces of Creative Energies…Thus we find a connection and an association of the spiritual being with the mental self in any of those centers (glandular) from which reflexes react with all the organs, all the emotions, all of the activities of a body. (263-13)” A list of planetary links to the glands follows:
Jupiter to Pituitary, Mercury to Pineal, Uranus to Thyroid, Venus to Thymus, Mars to Adrenals, Neptune to Leydig, Saturn to Gonads (281).

Jeffrey then goes on to remind us that what is important is to fully accept the past memory or event, real or imagined, and then detach. Since thoughts are things, recognize the memory or event was all part of an experience designed for soul growth. Assigning good/ bad or any duality judgement impairs detachment and increases the difficulty of understanding self and offering compassion and forgiveness to others in our experiences.

The Solfeggio tones can be used to assist reaching the detached state of emotions. I am not saying erase the experience rather offer emotional clarity to the viewpoints. While it is useful to remember experiences, there is no need for the emotional tug to act as a fleck of debri on the gland, reminding us to habitually play the same track on the cell memory over and over. I am saying clean the cd so you can enjoy the full gamut of choice living a vigorous and vital life. Healing intention plays a key role in this change. Sharing healing intention with me as facilitator may be very beneficial to your process.

I offer private sessions for care and cleaning of energy centers by assisting you to move through your stuck places. Please contact me or book a private session by clicking here or in the upper left hand corner of the website.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 17

My ebook Manifesting Inner Tranquility: Journaling: Abby’s Glory Series describes in detail a method for focusing authentic choice.
Table of Contents:
To guru or not to guru?
How does denial become alchemical transmutation?
How do I convince my cells of my intention?
Practice, Practice, Practice!
Celebrating Changes!

Authentic choice for me is a honed and honest tool arrived at through discernment and periodically reviewed to celebrate the learning and further hone my methods of choice. My tone of joy is sounded as my internal clarity of choice and discernment becomes tested and improved. Please check out my ebook on Amazon.com by clicking here.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 16

My paperback is listed on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1633140008/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_asp. In it I offer my method of energizing runes and then drawing in order to develop self-trust and dynamic inner dialog. Tracking the repeating runes is very important to the tone of decisions and the moment of choice.

Using the ElderFutharkJournalForm regularly encourages finding embedded choices lurking deeply in the subconscious. Repeating patterns are encouraged by the people that surround us both by learning contract and by choices enacted. Once the pattern can be consciously brought to surface, the split-second choice to react and repeat, or choose change, or to offer sacred pause and release contracts can be easily and joyously accomplished.

The second I can say, “Thank you very much, and I am done with that lesson!” with a smile on the face and in the heart, the soul smiles completion, too. Oh, there will be a few retests to be sure I really am done. The learning process gently and gracefully moves on.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 15

My marketing skills have been limited to telling my own truth. This remains a self-imposed strategy, and I do not see that core changing. However, I have felt a new lightness when offering explanations of how to do circular breathing and what frozen emotions represent to the body and how the Solfeggio tones release the frozen energy back to now. I feel words like:
our cellular brains may be tiny, yet as a collective these cellular brains carry much more capacity and much less interference than the gray matter that is so easily programmed by others.

Statements like the roller coaster ride of visual perceptions on ‘TV’s blow it up and forget the consequences’, and the ‘cellular response to the clanging of a siren’ are rolling off my tongue. Poking fun at the highly developed sensual triggers of the media feels like my only recourse for how ridiculous marketing ploys have become. “Truth is still the Truth” said Gandhi. Truth does not need to be sold but only reminded or offered as a glimpse. For instance:

Your eyes are beautiful just the way they are, without all the gum and glue.

I appreciate that your nose has a zit in the corner, and your body is healing beautifully!

I enjoy the freedom of having my hair mussed by the wind and not falling back into habit.

Life is unconquerable; I choose life’s unexpected results and all.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 14

The blessings of time shared with kindred sprits is amplified when healing intention is present. After 3 days of working with UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL, and LA of the Gregorian ages often called the Solfeggio tones along with the DNA, SomaTuner, and OM tones with healing intention, the world feels bright indeed.

The SonaTuner product by SomaEnergetics can be used in ways similar to accupressure. The tones penetrate deeply through skin and muscle tissue, massaging and releasing embedded memories while promoting the healing effects of Nitric Oxide (hereafter NO). In the article “Sound Therapy Induced Relaxation: Down Regulating Stress Processes and Pathologies” by Elliott Salamon, and Minsun Kim, John Beaulieu, and George B. Stefano, spiking NO was documented as a physiological process reducing cellular tension. Finding indicators of stress and methods to measure stress reduction resulted in documenting the study of cellular Nitric Oxide manufacture and release as a puffing cycle. When cells are puffing nitric oxide in normal rhythmic cycles, the puffing:

*Enhances cell vitality, vascular flow and heart healing
*Destroys bacteria and viruses at a micro level which naturally enhances our immune system and increases our ability to prevent and fight infections
*Increases resistance to stress and greater levels of energy and stamina
*Sharpens mental clarity and diminishes states of depression due to the balancing of the autonomic nervous system
*Improves digestion and natural cleansing
Plus it simply feels good to breathe with ease and grace. I would love to document with million dollar studies the effects of the class training this past week. At this time, I simply do not know how to document separately the effects of healing intention and of cellular response to healing tones along with the synergy that clearly is present when used by several folks together. Both on their own are impressive tools. Combining focused intention with historically documented healing tones enhanced by the synergy of kindred spirits has proven very beneficial to me yet again.

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Self-healing Tones-Part 13

Practice, practice, practice is part of the walk in tonal healing.  We will be practicing June 4th in Boomtown on the CA/NV border.  My hostess wants to practice some of the techniques with her teacher-me.  I am delighted to work with her, and we will be meeting at the half-way point!

Practicing the techniques allows the sensitivity for the messages of the tuning forks to mature naturally through discernment.  Clarity is a buzz word right now, and several of the folks near me are looking outward into the world, seeking clarity on what to do.    They look at bottles building up in the oceans bringing mass destruction to wildlife.  They tell of chemtrails and mass intervention with health and food.  Then they seek clarity on what to do, looking for great leaps of faith and huge actions.  These are admirable traits, for taking responsibility is the issue here.

My concern is discernment of what is mine to do.  I ask What is true now often.  Another question is What is the next step?  So it simple for me to buy NO plastic bottles–not even for dish detergent.  The few plastic bottles I still have in the household get recycled even down to flowerpot cut-offs.  And I celebrate those folks building greenhouses and other temporary and permanent buildings with plastic bottles as they are fine insulating pockets of air that pass light through admirably.

Discernment with chemtrails and GMOs is the realization that keeping the body energy levels high allows the body to naturally use all of its capabilities.  We have chromosomes for every conceivable protection and a lot more besides.  Awakening the chromosomes of youth, vitality, and discernment is a great way to start the day.  And using sound like a bird, greeting each new dawn with celebration in song.  “Sing, sing a song–make it happy to last your whole life long” is a song often on my lips since first hearing it on my transistor radio 60 years ago.

I agree big things need done; we can do them together.  Starting internally and then seeking the next step is the only way to run a marathon.  How could living a full and active life be different?  So whistle while you work, sing your song, and be happy in discerning the next step for it is only a step away!


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Self-Healing Tones-Part 12

Sounds rebound. Did you just say ‘Huh?’

Sound carries through water as ripples.  Sound waves travel outwards from source just like water ripples outward from a dropped stone. The water ripples eventually impact a non-water boundary and rebound back to source. So too does sound rebound within the water of the body cells, and the tones returning are similar yet carry the tone of the boundary impact as well as the boundary itself. Resounding is a form of internal payback and can promote internal dissonance.

My truth is every sound and tone played by/on my body, mind, spirit, and emotions will rebound back within myself, much like ripples or echoes. I choose to to be active in my choice of expression.  I am proactive in my study of tones and resonance or dissonance.

What residual sounds are you choosing to let rebound inside your personally inflexible boundries?

I offer Solfeggio sound tunings that will help quieten the rebounds into your own personal smple, harmonic melody.  The results of the tuning last after you leave the table.  Please contact me for more information.

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Self-Healing Tones -Part 11

I have continued my investigation of healing tones with becoming a certified instructor of Yoga Nidra. Called by a different name, I first taught yogic sleep in combination with teaching yoga at the Indianapolis under Rose Getz in the 1970s. My certifying teacher was Dr. Marc Halpern, founder of the California College of Aryuveda in Nevada City. Rounding a circle, healing intentions pulled me back to my early yogic training.

Having two or more share an intention of healing and wholeness is very beneficial in moving past stale and stuck energy. Having taught many classes in Solfeggio tuning forks, I had hoped to be able to receive the blessed sound treatments in reciprocity. Returning to my early yogic training was seemingly predestined.

During this teacher training course, the class was invited to have teacher and student-teacher sessions. Each session afforded stillness meditations aimed at increasing prana flow through all levels of body, mind, and spirit. As this is a guided relaxation, We were given increasingly longer breaks between sessions to assimilate the fresh energies. Many of us would remain for a half hour or more after the session. Stillness meditations were encouraged to allow the quiet energies to percolate through all levels.

I find myself comparing the yogic and sound healing methods. Both bring the body, mind, and spirit to the same internal healing space. Shared healing intention and sacred space are key to both processes. Both are amazing healing methods. Self-discipline is necessary to maintain the energy flow and intention for both modalities. Step by step the changes manifest toward balanced energies and self-awareness of healing potential.

Journaling also develops healing intentions. Please see my e-book on this topic called Manifesting Inner Tranquility-Journaling published by SolfeggioSound Press and sold on Amazon.com. In this book I provide a selection of methods I have used to move through my compulsive service mentality and into objectively looking at the choices available to me in the current moment. Objectively looking at what is going on now is a training process, and the results are that choices become more refined and fun.

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Self-healing Tones-Part 10

Celebrating life can take many forms. I begin with internal celebrations. An awareness of overcoming a long-term self-limiting habit deserves celebration! Weaving an all body celebration internally is only a breath away. A simple breath celebrating all the elements (air, space, water, earth, and fire) can be an instant party using imagination. Bringing in all the elements can be inhaling gold prana energies from the crown as the lungs fill with air along with earth energies entering from the feet. These join in the middle with the fire of the soul star visions and are released to the space surrounding the body. Instant inner confirmation of a self-realized change.

And there are always opportunities to celebrate on the outside: http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=0951cfb0d2ed43fc5e7d97cf3&id=5c02ff4804&e=cb9d7f3a62 is one equinox celebration in Petaluma, CA tomorrow. Have fun celebrating life!

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 9

Evenflow is the new balance opening according to my guidance. Evenflow tells of a plethora of sensing mechanisms both supporting and overarching sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The emotional attachment to evenflow is less precarious than the concepts of emotions projected at us from media. The sensations are most present when acting from a space of generosity of spirit often called love of self.

The spectrum of emotions when being unkind to self through self-talk or self-recrimination is heavily laden with external training. The external is most easily softened and cleared with a self-respecting acknowledgement that the current action or thoughts were the best accomplished until now. With that acknowledgement of present, vast new opportunities for improvement of self are lavishly poured into the moment and onto the path to allow the choices to be yet more in honor of the gift of now.

With consistency of self-acknowledgement and self-awareness, the evenflow can overarch a range of choices as being the most wise and loving of self. I had trouble with this for a long, long time as I felt the need to be in service to others. Sometimes the best way to serve others is to be selfish of my energies and withdraw in order to regenerate my own energies. Thus my self-respecting choice of rest or relaxation will allow me to be both more generous with my self and act from a stronger and more honorable place of rest within my soul.

Evenflow holds much promise for me of going to yet another level of self-awareness. To me this is a tone of the soul based in sounds, smell, taste, touch, and sight. Musicians speak of sharps and flats around their fractile sound tones. I speak of ranges of senses around the senses being tones, each with its own unique space in creating whole tones of expression and impression.

I am grateful to be able to offer you the tone of evenflow.

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Self-healing Tones-Part 8

Finding beautiful sounds when I walk is simple. The sounds of trees greeting the wind is a celebration of beauty. Eucalyptus leaves sounding like a stone bottom brook bring the promise of life to our drought browned hills. The wind’s twisting of twigs on the nectarine celebrate the promising swelling buds of spring blossoms and early fruiting in the unusually warm and dry January, 2014.

The yips of dogs in the dogpark celebrate the stick throw of their caretakers. The muted throbs of trucks on I680 tell of the interstate commerce early Saturday morning. Walking in sound beauty involves acknowledging the life abounding in and on soil and sky.

Finding beauty in sounds allows the body to be present in a wholesome manner. The cells and molecules bubble with life sounds in tune with the surrounding sounds. The blending resonances speak of the vastness of dancing potentials. A walk in nature is tuning to earth and all her crawling, walking, swimming, and flying folk. The OM tuner 136.1 has historically been used as a yogic meditation sound since it incorporates the same peace energy as walking through a natural setting.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 7

Incorporating the tones offering healing to a current issue is a study well worth investigating. For example, users of cell phones: the choice of ring-tone will in large part determine the attitude toward incoming calls. One sales person used a cavalry charge ringtone. One free mosquito ring tone caused my stomach to churn. The tone was labeled ‘mosquito’ and as not heard by elders or folks over 20. This elder heard the tone easily!

I ask myself, “Will that tone affect everyone as it affected me?” I venture to suggest, no, at least a few were not affected as I was. That said, the neighbors of those downloading may be adversely affected both by the cellphone ringtones as well as the resonance of the tones echoing through the cell phone owner.

A lovely Christmas boundary is limiting exposure to tones not easeful for me. I found myself asking for guidance about this boundary, and I woke up this morning with working, roleplaying examples flowing through my consciousness like a fire hydrant exploding on a city street. I guess I popped the cork on a study long overdue.

Like a little bit of beer, a little bit of a dis-ease will not put me under the table. Still I admit hearing of that 5 second mosquito tone was more than enough for this lifetime while a relative or a neighbor at Christmastime is not so easily dispatched. Expressing a genuine attitude about an exposure boundary does require practice and earnest evaluation of harmless intention. Integrity in action will allow me to gently and easily enjoy the peaceful holiday spirit.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 6

A tone is also called a frequency or vibration. When someone sings a specific tone, a glass can break or at an opera hearts can break for the performance. The opera ordinarily is built around a set of emotional themes (also called tones) that invite the audience participation with the theme.

The renowned operas carry themes often lived by normal people day by day. While the theme repetition does allow experimenting with a variety of outcomes with different players and different backgrounds, at some point the “run” is over and the troupe goes their separate ways. Their show has run its course. While there may be nostalgia, the show is done. Life does go on.

My 2013 opera is coming to the final celebrations: Christ enmass holiday spirit and ringing out the old year. My celebrations will be with fire, lists of completed todos/tadas, and thanksgiving for the power and passion to complete them. The tone I will be transmitting is thanksgiving. It has been a year of 528 hertz, miracles, for which I am exceedingly grateful.

Among the tadas is a new celebration theme: “Thank you for doing that for me” will be applied to some of the actions I observed and chose actively not to repeat. I am grateful that the other person did the doing and will live their own consequences; I actively chose not to participate, thank you very much. My celebration is that their performance will complete; I need not be present or experiment with their opera. I am done, and I thank the troupe for performing. While there may be nostalgia and a sigh from time to time, life goes on. For all the paths I chose not to take, I am grateful to tone done. The tone of gratitude for me is OM, 136.1 hertz.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 5

Senses have been trained to be subservient to sight in this visual media-rich American culture. Retraining in omni-sensation (tasting, feeling, hearing, smelling AND seeing) is easily started with using sounds like 528 hertz to balance the halves of the brain. Evolving senses to discern ease and grace is the normal result of retraining the five senses into omnibrain superpower sensing.

First pick a tuner or single sound tool that you are familiar with. My preference is choosing a tuner that my body has shown it likes by tickling my internally monitors–like breathing more easily or more deeply. Alternatively I use a pendulum to select the tuner for a particular meditation including most benevolent and joyful for the current adventure. Please be aware that the body preference will change over time and with specific intentions.

Next tone the tuner and present it to the palms of each hand by presenting the stem to the palms one at a time. This allows the body a heads up that something new is being started. Feel for changes or indications of bodytalk briefly, also check for waiting, undelivered messages.

Third, tone the tuner and present the tone to first one ear for a breath and then the second ear for a breath. Ask questions without judgement for the answers, like:
Did one ear hear a different tone?
Was one ear hearing louder tones?
Was one side of the head or neck more at ease while listening?
Did the body start to giggle like a joyful child with a new toy?
Were colors present or changing or flashing?
Were tastes or sensing of electricity present?
What changed? Was the change accompanied with an ahhh-haaaa discoveries or new methods to bodytalk?
Do you feel pain? If you do feel pain, was the pain heightened or reduced and did you feel or hear any messages related to the pain?
Do you remember spontaneously moving when you heard the tones? If so, was there a message attached attached to the movement? What was it?

Last, invoke an attitude of gratitude for the moment. The intention to have heightened awareness is now anchored and will remain and encourage the body to develop new levels of bodytalk. Childhood bodytalk now will be enhanced with the awareness earned through the fullness of life experiences. As life is celebrated in this manner, those patterns not serving an enhanced awareness will simply not be fed energy to slough off like an old scab to reveal the healing.

Thank you for finding this meditation. May you find ease and joy with its experience.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 4

Sounds dance with each other in creation of energy waves, intersecting and jumping. Some energy flows to foreground as chi gifted to my presence for use in acting grace. Some energy creates the surroundings and funds the feelings others are attracted into for participating with me. I choose ease and grace at this time.

The manner of breathing and the tempo of a breath affects the human body much like a pebble dropping into a pond creates concentric waves. Breathing in slowly and regularly brings a contemplative sound tone while reading, meditating, or working. Breathing in rapidly and shallowly can bring adrenaline and tones of excitement at an amusement park. Breathing in rapidly and exhaling while singing, primal sounding, and chanting mantras may guide the body tones into specific energy focus. Focused breath with tai chi actions or yoga postures encourages the body to integrate with mind and emotions. I find it is about convergence in expression–all levels, all senses, all energies, and all intentions united for a purpose at this moment. Regular practice allows quick responses even when present in an unfocused, chaotic space.

I often experience inhaling through the nose and out through the mouth to quietly brings congruence at a checkout or in a charged work space. Usually I sense the surroundings respond with my intention of inner peace. Use of visualizations and involving the 5 senses further brings the stillness of the now moment. The more congruence to my emotions, the greater the awareness of the healing. You may ask if I am controlling the outer energy of a situation while I feel I am working with sound awareness in my center based on long internal practices of meditation, martial arts, and yoga.

When I feel mental or emotional confusion, I have the opportunity to listen for the sounds of my internal body orchestra to know what my body is feeling. It is my choice to listen. It is my choice to offer sanctuary. When I offer myself peace and dance with my inner being it is my intention to be offering myself the highest form of love that I know to give myself at this time.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 3

Inspiring self appears a self-perpetuating process even as breathing appears to be a self-perpetuating process. Conscious breath becomes a choice for expressing natural internal peace. Inspiration becomes a basic and natural access to all of self. Inviting wholesome energy in with each breath creates a stream of blessings to the body and conspires to unite body, mind, and spirit.

This meditation is recommended at first to be a contemplation. The ultimate goal is inspiring connection to self at all levels and in all spaces experienced whether moving or still. Begin with breathing in and observing where the breath goes. By that I mean weave as many feelings into the experience as possible.

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then observe:
Is there a smell carried on the air of dust or green leaves?
Is the air cool in the nose or the throat or the lungs?
Is there a feeling of excitement or the peace of trees carried in the air?
Is there a sound that captivates you carried in the air?
Is there a responding sound through the body as the nose fills?

Now I ask that you consciously observe all the sounds related to taking a breath. Is the body stressed and ringing bells of warning or humming? What hums sing pleasant sounds to you? Do you hear happiness lilting through the weave about something? What fills the song?

Now refocus the attention: is there a heavy discordant sound? Please take a breath to observe that one discordant sound. In the observation did the sound change? Follow any changes and observe the body’s full responses to listening clearly to its messages offered you, the body keeper. Is there a request carried on the change or a hum for perhaps water or yet another breath of peace and observation? Offering another conscious breath often has me breathing power or conscious breath into knees or eyes. What part of you is requesting conscious breath? Is there a color requested? Is there a smell or taste requested?

I ask that this meditation be used consciously for a space in time in a place of quiet. With focused intention, this study can become part of an internal screening process called an autonomic process much as the need to breathe is semi-automatic. Screening responses to stimuli while moving about during the day is a great measure of self-awareness in breath. Conscious breath can allow peace inside in all circumstances.

I often use the OM mantra to call deep relaxation to myself. Using tools like the OM tuner to facilitate relaxation and contemplation makes sense to me much as a scientist uses a screwdriver or a knob to calibrate an oscilloscope. The OM tuner’s 136.1 hertz vibration is the earth’s average tone revolving around the sun. Using the OM tuner allows my body respite, and my mind the opportunity to quieten and observe using all of my senses. Once more than one sense is woven together consciously, the omnibrain superconsciousness is accessible and more information automatically flows for making inspired choices. This conscious space of quiet breath brings me information and energy to facilitate healing through action.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 2

I began intensive studies of the OM and Solfeggio tuners sold by Biosonic in 2006 for resolving migraines and orthopedic injuries to back, knees, and shoulder. While I was exceedingly grateful that the OM tuner did provide increasing intervals of migraine relief, I sought more healing for myself. UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA and the OM tuner have been nearby ever since. The OM tuner can reduce my joint inflammation while the Solfeggio tones help me clear the trauma of injury and reinjury.

Hiking about 21 miles in the Tetons last month, I used the OM tuner to celebrate the day’s miles hiked and encourage healing rest. The Solfeggio tones brought me new levels of meditative internal quietness. Healing of mind, body, and spirit was guided by the wilderness sounds and feel of wind. Brilliant sunrises and sunsets wove in the sense of sight further engaging my spirit. Fresh glacial fed streams provided most wonderful tasting icy cold water. The smell of the grass and water above the timberline and the trees below completed the full sensory experience. The fresh mountain chi refreshed my soul.

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Self-Healing Tones–Part 1

While I find the OM tuner uses are unlimited, the healing uses of the Solfeggio Tones remain much more specific. The OM tuner encourages contemplative actions and attitudes. The Solfeggio tuning forks used singularly or in combinations supports inner quiet much like a good vacuum cleaner removes the dust motes leaving a brilliant sunbeam in a room.

How does this differ from other healing methods? Most healing methods are based on an exchange of energies with another person. Intention may or may not have been discussed before the session began. Practices often vary little between clients. These form of healing can be likened to a broad stroke with an artist’s brush and are very useful in general well-being.

When accompanied by the Solfeggio tones, I find healing energies and intention can become a loving, nuturing, finite purpose agreed on by all present. The tones of the Solfeggio gently convert discordant thoughts, trauma, and experiences into harmonic resonances of the healing intention. Chi is both created by the tuning fork strike and sound ripples into the energy field of the recipient enlivening the force field with harmonic healing intention. This win/win experience supports the practitioner and recipient as well as provides rest and the energy to manifest changes toward healthy, loving expressions of life.

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Hiking the Tetons in August

I found I was the oldest hiking the switchbacks from Devils’ Staircase to Alaska Basin and back the third week of August. Although there were wildfire smoky days, other days were clear. The air was often simply pristine at the treeline. It had been 13 years since I last attempted this 21 mile hike.

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Meetups near the Vallejo Transit & Ferry Building

Holding sound therapy and coaching meetups has been on my mind for years.  A Richmond sound therapy client has found that transit travel is easiest by bus arriving every half-hour to either the new Vallejo terminal building or the ferry dock ramp. Are there enough folks interested for a monthly gathering in a nearby business building?

I know timing could be worked out.  Please suggest what works for you individually.  That gives me an indication of interest in a Vallejo, Richmond, or another transit accessible meeting place for matching to the quantity of folks planning to come.



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Weaving the Senses and Recalibrating Self

Balancing taste, smell, and touch with sight and sound allows quantum sensing to be directed and freed.  Directing self to dive deeply into any portion such as taste brings all the senses into alignment with originating intention, i.e. quantum fractile multidimensonal senory perception.  Synesthesia can be used as a reference point defined by dictionary.com as:

syn·es·the·sia [sin-uhs-thee-zhuh, -zhee-uh, -zee-uh] noun

a sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color.

Without moving a finger, the senses may be referenced to become a brighter, more wholesome experience, or infinitely great or infinitely small.  The patterns in the universe are recurring whether microcosm or macrocosm.  It is my intention at looking that will determine what I see.  I choose actively to look with love.  When I looks at things differently, the things I look at change.  Some of the most confusing obstacles have trained me in patience and self-worth, and I am grateful to be aware there is more here and now.

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Bolinas, CA near Olema and Pt Reyes-Phase 1


August 2-4 has a Phase 1 Energy Vitality class scheduled in Bolinas, CA not far from Olema and Point Reyes with an ocean overlook and surrounded by a magical fairyland garden. Class size is limited to 6, so there will be lots of interaction, written materials, and hands on tuning practice for classmates. I heartily recommend a buddy system so you can tune each other after class, so please bring a friend and begin exchanging services even during the class. This is the entry level Energy Vitality healing modality using UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA or 396, 417, 528, 741, 852 hertz Solfeggio scale. Please contact me for more information.


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Heart Opening and Mudra Uses

I have studied hand positions in pictures and in statues for quite a while, and I cannot say just when I started consciously using hand mudras. I feel that I began studying hand positions because I found myself habitually holding my hand in a position that I eventually found developed a yin energy within the body early in my childhood. I did this for years; eventually I found I was in fact caring for my body by using certain hand positions. I was fascinated by studying the hand dances of certain cultures. Over time I had to become quite discrete in use of hand mudras lest I am an object of ridicule in the American culture AND discretely studied by other cultures while sitting in continuing education classes, buses and BART.

Vast numbers of hand positions gently open and close our powerful hand energies, and conscious use of the hand positions has been found to encourage the weave of physical, mental and spiritual around a perceived goal. For this posting, I bring in the heart mudra, Gyan Mudra, as it was a focus for my thoughts yesterday. This mudra is often seen related to the Budda by pictures and statues. A review of Manley P Hall illustrations of the ages show more examples. I will be celebrating this day with Gyan Mudra conscious focus.

Heart Chakra – Gyan Mudra http://thehealingsphere.blogspot.com/2010/05/mudra-for-opening-chakras.html

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Sensory Filtering and Spasm Energy Balancing

Balancing energies while sitting in my breezy outdoor office is easy. The muted sunlight, swishing green tree leaves, breeze on my skin, children’s laughter and scent of tomatoes nearly ripe bring a high level of contentment to me. Being outside in a place I consider beautiful brings my energy to a quiet, expansive center. Bringing an afterglow of these energies with me to the hot, sunny garden or to the shade of my indoor accounting office does require refocusing. The eyes focus quite quickly to the new role as vision has been trained to do so in this media-rich culture.

In Mystery Schools of old, blindfolds were used to facilitate the training of the ‘clair” sensory perceptions. In my many decades of research on this topic, deprivation was often the basis for moving to the next level.

I feel we are going past ‘clair’ by going into ‘omni’ more each moment. For me omni is the weaving of all the senses through the weaving of the halves of the body–right and left–becoming the core of ONE. I observe myself constantly seeking new ways of weaving senses together to find new layers of meaning carried in the woven perception of now.

Clients often use our tuning fork sounds to focus on their spasm-stored memory. I listen very carefully to any description of triggered memory to determine whether more than one sensation can be brought into the setting being described. The second sensation could be the smell of a flower or of growing earth. To fully engage a memory for balancing a muscle spasm or trauma, I encourage weaving as many senses to the memory as possible. The clarity of the memory recall allows the full awareness necessary for complete information processing and freeing of any and all blockages. The life journey can then be acknowledged and owned as a learning awareness no longer requiring pain to be the only expression available to the body.

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Two Blessed Days of Rain

While it has rained between April and November in my San Francisco Bay area, I do not recall two days of summer rain back to back in the 25 years I have been here. Foggy days usually do come to embrace the trees in misty moistness with a few droplets occasionally touching earth. The last two days have had measurable precipitation, and I am ever so glad. Many of the fire prevention activities will need to be redone; extra sheep will probably be brought to graze down public areas.

For me the key point is the native trees will live more vigorously. We had such a long, warm, early, and dry spring from about February through May that the luxury of rainfall amid the near 100 degree days is a relief. Perhaps even the golfers will relent and say they too are pleased and continue golfing through the droplets.

I have been thinking about rainwater catchment, and I had thought to wait until November when the rains normally start. These rainy days are an incentive to developing a series of covered 5 gallon or more storage containers in the greenhouse and beside the porch. I will start with my 5 gallon water cooler bottle today.

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Reading Sonic Mole Chasers Reviews

I have carefully read about 150 sonic mole chaser reviews on Amazon. One review was by a neighbor impaired by the ‘about 300 hertz’ 15 second sonic intervals. In the review, the neighbor first sought help with plumber and then electrician to find the source of the persistent and irritating intermittent pulses. Although two review comments expressed disbelief, steel plumbing could easily transmit this noise. Since a mighty pickaxe strike resonated out the second story bathroom plumbing a split second before water spouted knee high at the point of my pickaxe, I do not doubt in the least that the sonic intervals could be transmitted into a neighbors steel plumbing and their house through hardpan clay soils.

Similarly, I had a computer that I turned into the techies to cure the intermittent sound that brought me headaches and distractions. As this was a Fortune 500 company, the techies simply swapped mine for a different unit immediately. They they gave my former unit to one of my staff who began having headaches. I saw it had been mine, so I had her turn in the unit. Her problems stopped as quickly as mine had stopped.

Edgar Cayce is quoted in a reading as saying: “Nothing is good or bad but that thinking makes it so.” Honing awareness and neutral observation quickly provide the means to move past blockage and defeat. Moving past may be as simple as saying a quiet ‘No”, seeking out alternatives, or checking with professionals. Physically moving from the situation may be advisable though not always available.

For those who cannot easily move from the situation, Winston Churchill is often quoted as “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” With fear and anger being the same chemical response in the body, prisoners of war and conscious objectors developed unusual and remarkable methods to bring control back to the prisoner. Luckily, many of these tools have been documented. One fellow used to stick bamboo splinters through his ear lobes that he would wiggle to remind him to not listen to anything but his heart song. Others used mantra. Other used to touch arms or legs or hands to remind themselves to not listen to anything outside that was happening. Others pinched or hit themselves. In most every instance, the body was given a stressor to address at the cellular level that the mind and emotions could be used to focus the energies.

Sound therapy using tuning forks does engage the body at the cellular level. Using the OM tuner allows the body to be present in a safe space. Trauma can be released so that the cells remember peace. The emotions, mind, and spirit can be aligned in peace in soft sounds and gentle motions. From the space of peace, awareness and neutral observation understanding of how to move past blockages become available.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more.

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It Rained on May 27th!

Delightfully, the sky has again darkened with a few more drops of rain squeezed from the clouds. In Fairfield, CA normal years have rain until the start of April to not resume until November. The dust and pollen was rinsed from the sky several times today. The trees sigh, and the apricot is practically grinning. What a strange year this has been! The golfers will be unhappy; the plants appear to be delighted with the moderate temperatures and moist air.

The conversion from lawn to drought resistant landscape proceeds, and my water bill already is the least of any partial May! The rebate will cover most of the costs of the bark, Lodi 3/4″ river rock, conversion to drip, and landscape underlayment. The reduced water and lawn mowing costs will promptly pay back the rest. The added bonus is that upkeep will be easier, as the edible perennial additions are being sown from seed this week when the raised front flower bed is completed.

Stay tuned for June meetups and class announcements!

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Documentation of Lawn Rebate Arrived from the Solano Water District

As of May 2, my rebate was preinspected, and formally preapproved. I am in the process of replacing 825 square feet of sprinkler serviced lawn into drought resistant plantings with drip irrigation. The first gravel and woodbark delivery is tomorrow. Drip irrigation lacks only a handful of irrigation tips for the next rest period. The area beside the drive has the grass tops removed, ready for the doubled 3.5 mil non-woven fabric. Another 10 inches will have the top 2″ of grass veg cleared along the front. Both will be replaced with Lodi 3/4″ tomorrow. Wood chips will cover cardboard for the top 20′ X 10′ of lawn, so that is a reversible decision in a couple of years. Either it will go into tiered flower beds eventually or refreshed with woodchips periodically. I think of this as phase 1 for completion tomorrow.

The plan is for two concentric circles 15′ and 3′ respectively separated into 6 petals. The center circle will be raised approximately 36″, and imperial artichokes will be planted from seed. Each of the petals will be planted with seeds of perennial sage. lemon grass, coriander, and some others supplemented with annuals on the outer rim. The outer rim candidates are swiss chard, dinosaur kale, and stevia. The expected date of completion of phase 2 is May 25th.

I expect sound classes to resume in June. A meetup is planned for June with an open house. Watch for details.

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Application Completed for Drought Resistant Rebate!

Wooohooo Jason! My lawn qualifies for an $825 rebate on approved replacement with drip and drought resistant plants and preliminary approval of my plan! Program available only through 4/30 with projects to be completed in 90 days from approval date (as early as today!) That will cover much of the organic mulch, plants, and wood chips. I already have the drip irrigation parts.

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Permaculture Designer–Ta Dah!

With my permaculture design certification course completed, I begin principle application with my lawn. Converting my home lawn to a Solfeggio Sound healing garden begins with the county rebate preinspect tomorrow. Edible plants supporting balance throughout the body energy centers become the focus of the new tiered front garden. The design will promote gentle walks and meditation stones for the contemplation of plant guilds as a reflection of human energy weave guilds. Meridian contemplation paths subtly guide the walks, offering self-healing to even the drive-by folks with no background in energy balancing. I welcome input, especially regarding drought tolerant, edible perennials. Thanks to Jason for telling me about the Solano County Water Rebate so I can start NOW!

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Walking Easily Again!

A 70+ year old friend recently developed a painful hip while walking her normal 3 to 5 miles a day. We discussed dehydration and its side effects of muscle spasms. She acknowledged her pain may have been after she had gotten very hot while walking. I offered her an OM tuner and hockey puck and taught her how to use them. She felt immediate relief though she did NOT tell me. While the relief was not a complete release of the lower back and thigh spasms, she sensed immediately that soon the pain would be gone so that free and painfree motion would return. However she did NOT tell ME about her relief and her inner sensing that this would work for her.

She telephoned a few minutes ago telling of finding lasting and significant relief with repeated use of the OM tuner over the last week. She is focusing on frequent use of the OM tuner, sufficient water, and gentle walking. She finds she can stand up and walk almost pain free at all times now.

My heart soars. I am well aware that sound used with proper intention does promote healing. Muscle spasms can be released with healing intention, rehydration, frequent use of healing modalities like the OM tuner sounds, and with following body knowing. While using sound may not work for everyone, the immediate effects of the OM tuner are almost always a gentle relaxation. When consistently used, this relaxation can result in complete healing. For me release of pain from migraines was facilitated by the OM tuner even while driving at night. I used other tuners to aid me in healing root causes and taking responsibility for for logical but inappropriate actions and reactions.

It is all about love. Sincerely, Heidi

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A Study on Synchronicity and Easing On

I find it too easy to keep efforting the art of moving on. In fact, it may be time to change my vocabulary from moving on to easing on. I am so willing to move on that I keep efforting when these appear to be the times for simply intending the door open and easing on. The path is clear once intention is clarified.

For most of Saturday, I engaged in a rather circular argument with myself regarding various blockages of the last 2 days. I kept asking why certain activities which used to be so easy for me have suddenly become convoluted and fatiguing. When a friend called for a telephone healing session, the tuning forks helped us both focus which lifted both of us into new spaces with revised energies.

The message given was on energy tolerance. Applying this to engines came to me on waking Sunday morning. When the tolerances are insufficient, a sparkplug will not spark properly for a given application. So too are the changing times requiring a tolerance adjustment of intention. I invite and intend the tolerance adjustment be a grace filled easing on.

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Coherence for Quantum Healing using Healing Intention

Science has found that at least 1/3 of all healing processes is based soley on positive thought based on double-blind placebo testing.   The basis for the placebo affect on health clearly related to focus on unleashing the body’s hidden potential to heal triggered by ingesting inert substances (placebo).  Our ability to focus and call for change begins with one step toward “I AM WILLING.”

I often use a Goethe quote roughly translated into American English as:

If you think you can, begin.  There are unlimited forces in the universe waiting to aid you on your journey.

To me, communicating the coherence necessary for healing becomes a series of steps toward a perceived betterment.  Many modalities are available to facilitate focus toward coherence.  The effect of sound waves to bring congruence to people at concerts, opera, dances, and spiritual meetings is commonly accepted.  The mechanical transmitter of this entrainment and coherence may well be biophotons such as those emitted from cells and the sun. 

Tuning Forks applied with appropriate intension and using particular tones are known to facilitate coherence of mind, body, and spirit through biophotons.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.


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On the Resumption of U.S. Naval Seismic Sonic Activities

I have spent considerable personal resources with sound in healing underlying joint issues and releasing the habit of migraines. The art is in using the appropriate tones with the appropriate healing intentions. Some tones open the door to reclaiming health. Some tones do not heal; some tones can shatter wine glasses, bones, rocks and mountains. Do you remember the 007 movie using tones to cause earth and ocean movements? Where does testing stop and damage to the earth and her inhabitants start?

I live on a seismic fault just past my back fence by the community dogpark. I served on the park committee for years with the hope of establishing a seismic testing station in the community recreation facility or the firestation a few yards from my home. I am well aware of the effect seismic activities have on my body from personal experience, and I often have to wait for the earthquake details to be published on www.usgs.gov.

I also live within half a mile of the salt marshes of Grizzly Bear/Canadian Goose Refuge area of San Francisco Bay. My proximity to the bay does potentially include the sonic testing impulse effects. How can the sailors on the ships not feel what they are doing to themselves in the face of proven damage to nearby sea creatures. The tales of sea creatures with bloody,exploded ear drums, air bladders and permanent loss of the homing capabilities have been well documented with beachings and rescue attempts ad infinitum by periodicals, websites, and interest groups like stopfas in yahoogroups.com.

A petition is available at: http://www.petition2congress.com/9133/prohibit-military-sonar-seismic-testing-harming-marine-mammals/?m=4102018

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Choosing excellence includes evaluating and acknowledging those experiences completed or those continuing on to completion. I am grateful for every stepping stone bringing me to this space in time in my life.

My mantra at this time is “What is my level of love of self?” It is increasingly clear that doing anything resulting in mixed feelings is quite simply and frankly not expressing my love of self. So when I find my love amplified back at me by an activity, another person, circumstance, pet, or Mother Nature, I know I am on track.

With anything not reflecting my own wholesome self-acceptance back to me, I actively observe my response to find the non-love based source. Most often this is an attitude long ago investigated that needs only my acknowledgement that I am done with that learning experience. The Solfeggio tones can be used to celebrate and refine great buckets of energies much as a graduation ceremony, and private Solfeggio Sound sessions are great for developing new methods of internal refinement.

Quintessence for me is the refining of the path moving forward, nanofractile by nanofractile. With my honoring of my own completion and my gratitude for the experience, I am free to move on in wholesomeness. At that point it becomes my job to diligently not match energy with previous learning experiences. I gratefully choose to not match energy with people actively seeking their own learning at their own pace when it feels out of sync with where I am complete. Celestine Prophecies by James Redfield captures this in the 9th insight. The movie depiction of the book offers the full gamut of responses to the habit of fear as well as teaching how we can express serenity of self. ‘Stay in your own energy’ is an often repeated phrase at the end of the movie.

Please witness my gratitude for these times and learning opportunities.

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Sounding Tones to Resolve Pain

Deepak Chopra, MD, has detailed primordial sound healing for decades, and I recommend using all the primordial sounds at season change as a celebration of life or daily in resolution of long-term pain or physical/emotional trauma.

Don Campbell describes a toning exercise in his book The Mozart Effect that is similar to what I have found works best for me either using toning or tuning forks. The basic technique described by Don Campbell is to find a comfortable position with your throat and neck relaxed whether lying down or sitting. Locate the source of the discomfort. Begin sounding an ah or ou sound and visualize the pain being released. If the pain is acute, using an ee at a high pitch is recommended. Continue without straining the voice, rest regularly between tonings lasting no more than two minutes each. Chemically this can trigger an endorphin release to naturally mask the symptoms. Don reminds me any emotional origins of pain can be released through toning to enable the body healing quickly and naturally.

What I have found works best for me is to stand quietly with feet shoulder width apart, flexing my knees, centering my shoulders over my feet and knees, and tucking my abdomen and pelvic girdle back. This is similar to the horse stance of judo or the ready position in karate. If I have tuning forks ready, I listen to the OM tuner by crossing from ear to ear over the top of the head and then placing the OM tuner stem on my breast bone. Ordinarily I find myself humming to the OM tuner, and often I follow this singing the alto version of the Lord’s Prayer in the key of “OM” as a discipline, or as a study in numerology and centering. Other tuning forks can be very useful, and I tend to favor the weighted toner octave of the MI 528 miracles Solfeggio tuner. This was part of what I did to resolve my long-term migraine pain.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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New Year Intentions

I have been thinking about hosting monthly meetings for sound awareness on Tuesdays or Thursdays in Fairfield, CA. The purpose of the gathering would be to discuss healing aspects of sound and toning, singing tones and using tuning forks for developing focused changes.

The meeting would last about 2 hours. There would be presentations, question/answer, breathe exercises, and chanting.

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Cleaning and Clearing my Space

The inner and outer world cleaning and clearing continues for me. Increasingly the changes in my environment represent my active choices in what I want present with me. I find myself reading some of the treasures of newsletters, personal journals and notes of classes. I find myself taking a deep breath and deciding what I will keep from the mental chatter and the physical clutter. I surprised myself in not using my tuning forks to facilitate the process often. A couple of times, yes, the OM tuner was called in to help me clear my thoughts and heart for I got stuck. So I pick up a book that reminds me these things would not have happened without my permission at some level. My journey has been of many decades; many of my teachers and friends can no longer be reached with a telephone call or an email or a ride in the car or plane. I find myself celebrating the small things as these pictures resurface in my heart. Thank you for the experiences and the learning. And the journey continues…

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Happy Thoughts to YOU!

A dream assignment was to write down my fears as they are experienced at the now time. Then I am to write down the attribute those fears would teach me IF I ask for insight (i.e. when I am willing to merely be present with the fear.) Then at the end of the day, I am to review and burn the list. I dreamed that on 6/21/2008…and I found it again yesterday while cleaning. So I will be notebooking today…my Christmas present to myself. Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday wishes!

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12-21-12 is here

May the blessings of happiness and wholesome joy be with you.  Calling for contentment can be done with a breath in and expressed with the release of that breath.  Our most intimate connection with life is the breath.  This blessed exchange may be enhanced with visualizations of happy face and happy heart, golden particles of life wrapping the body, insight guiding the mind and the heart.

When I find myself distracted or off center, I have developed a toolkit for bringing my spirit back into neutral position.  I would love to share some of my tips with you, and I have placed some videos on youtube as SolfeggioSoundDotCom.    Please contact me for more information.

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12-12-12 is here

Our brains often respond to repetitive numbers in a manner similar to a reboot.  Every time this date appears or is written, the opportunity to choose ‘NOW” is presented.  Much as hitting a reset button, this date presents the opportunity to choose NOW!  My wish for you is this:  Not only a day but a year of bliss.  Not only a day of gifts and giving but also a day of NEW LIFE living.

Happy New Thoughts!

Happy New Life!


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Watching Thought Assignment: Morphogenetic Field Theory

Our thoughts are things as demonstrated by scientific methods.  So what we choose to think does affect the things surrounding us:  people, home circumstances, physical health.  The scientific  concept of morphogenetic field is basically that non-physical blueprints give birth to forms.  According to its founder, the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, a morphogenetic field, is an equivalent to an electromagnetic field that carries information only, not energy, and are available throughout time and space without any loss of intensity after they have been created.   While this has been used primarily to describe genetic choices of health, the principle is consistent with every healing modality I have embraced.  I choose love to be manifested through my thoughts, even love for my propensity to heal others to the extent it may appear outwardly to be to my detriment.  In fact, what does not kill me, does help me learn and to be a better, stronger, more capable me.  Why?  Because that is my chosen expression of learning.

Our intentions are thought things.  What we define as our truth, becomes a study for whether we move on or march in place.  I choose now; I choose to ask what is true now.  I choose to own this circumstance is what I created so that I would learn and choose again.

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Changing Chaos using AOS

I have new vocabulary for the processes of moving to center courtesy of Veronica’s Eloheim offering Randy guidance.  When I have chaotic thoughts as I did on waking, I can now consciously apply the AOS process:  awarenerss, ownership, and step-by-step back to center. Changing chaos, I choose A-O-S.

The immediate chaos on waking was that I became AWARE my body was STILL asking to use part of my brain in a different manner.  It was one of those ‘Houston, We have a problem’ type messages that part of me was not allowing part of me to receive.

The next process went like this:  I OWN that I made choices that I can choose differently from the 2012 version of me.  I consciously choose to use my brain in a balanced manner–and I saw some scenes from a journey inward and felt some internal changes of pressures inside my head.  The next step was to move around and walk for a bit to observe what has changed.

I became aware of more internal peace.  I own that I had consciously chosen to filter input so I could focus on the projects before me.  Stepping back to see the bigger picture is necessary to balance perspectives.

The step-by-step back to better balance is still continuing this morning.  Now has me aware I am better able to put aside the glasses and own the fact I am able to control/scroll the screen display print bigger to type this and view the screen without strain or glasses.

Stay tuned for more uses of AOS:  awareness, ownership, step-by-step

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Defragmenting the Ligand/receptor Interaction–I am willing!

Reading The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy [Kindle Edition] By: Cyndi Dale, the chapter entitled Sound Healing was a complete validation of my years of work with the modality of sound.   Listening to my body stretch had been part of my early yogic training and teaching.  The sounds of jogging along on a sunny spring morning was a delight still cherished.  The thrill of my body  hiking trails at 10,000 feet in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming is with me now.  And I remember hearing the sounds of the broken bones and torn ligaments attempting to heal.

You may ask whether I hear all that?  Well, yes, I always have and yes, I do, no stethoscope needed.  So, hearing my kindle read me Cyndi Dale’s words of sound as a mechanical healing energy captured my complete attention.  Cyndi quotes “The Biochemical Side of Emotions” that the body uses sound to regulate more than 50% of the body processes through ligand/receptor interaction.  My truth is when my body is injured and seeking validation of the injury, I have the opportunity to acknowledge the pain.  My masseuse Kristin calls this process “Kiss the BooBoo” letting the body move on through the healing process.  I usually find myself talking to the injury–broken bone, torn ligament, muscle spasm–to tell it I am sorry and name what I did if I know of the event.  Sometimes my body does not tell me what I did until some time later, and there is the rub.  The validation did not come in a timely manner, the cellular conversations are blocked at the ligand/receptor level by an emotional block.  Using sound allows the body to process the emotions,  and allows me as the operator to learn and validate the injury to promote complete healing.   My good friend Cindy uses her beautiful body mantras to validate the stresses and call for complete healing.  Both masseuses use cell-talk, and they use tuning forks afterward to reinforce their work.

Those times that my body is not validated can result in the body passing the pain on to a place I can not as easily ignore.   For instance, my ankle tendon may not be making enough static about the injury, so it resorts to heating the area, swelling inflammation, and sending the pain to a place I am less likely to ignore.   For me most pain killers like asprin cause allergic reaction or side-effects.  I never have been one to take pain killers; I chose ice, and learning to acknowledge and validate the booboo.   And I have learned to pull out my OM tuner and melt the swelling at the ankle and knee.    I have done the same for clients.  Then using the Solfeggio Tones, the body injury trauma can be toned away for at least a time and often permanently.

Emotional trauma, too, is stored at the cellular level using similar mechanics.  Unexplained fears like the fear of being in crowds can be stilled with sounds like the OM tuners 136.1 hertz.  When used with persistence and supported by healing intention, the body is released from the habitual response and obligation to store the fear of crowds information.  Using the Solfeggio body tuners called SomaTuners allows habitual fears to drop away in a manner similar to that of the Solfeggio Tones.   When I saw my 97 year old father stand up to his full 5’11” after a SomaTuner spinus process, I watched him easily sit up, stand and stretch,  and say how good his back felt–no aches, in fact nothing hurt at all.  Then he crouched down to below my 5’3″  so he would not have far to fall if the vertigo came.   His body and emotions responded wonderfully to the healing, and his habitual choice to fear sucked him into postures inviting spasms in his back.

Consciously choosing a healing intention and acknowledging “I am willing” is an integral part of moving past habitual responses and consciously claiming resolution to pain.  I often follow an emotion to resolution and state emphatically that I am done with that.  In that manner, I invite insight, make the space for new thoughts, and demonstrate that I am willing to move on.

Please feel free to contact me or to schedule a private session.

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My Appointment Schedule is On-Line

My private session online booking service is at:


*30 minutes Spinus process with the SomaTuners
*45 minutes Etheric tuning with SomaEnergetics’ Energy Vitality Technique (EVT)
*60 minutes Spinus Process AND the EVT
*90 minutes Spinus Process, EVT, and DNA or optional scanning and tuning techniques.

Please let me know how this booking service makes you feel.  There are no arrangements for prepayment; please pay at the time of your appointment.

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Sound Therapy Coaching and Self-Centering Actions

The act of drawing and releasing breath can be done in many formats for accomplishing infinite purposes.  I recently watched the www.tuninginmovie.com’s, “Tuning In” to find myself fascinated with the styles of breathing displayed by these world famous channelers.  Parts of the show evoked such a response in me that I watched a few of the breathing techniques again and again.  Consciously starting my breathing exercises as a very young child competing with adults in my first scuba diving skills test, I remain fascinated with the mechanics of breath.  From the tales of the pearl divers being underwater for 5 minutes or more to the feats of strength displayed by women lifting cars off their children while breathing in great gusts of air, I feel the breath process remains the most intimate exchange of the animating life-force.  Phrases like the ‘last gasp attempt’ have always teased and pleased me.  As a child I had great lists of folksayings on health, many of which centered on the breath of life.  The breath studies in yoga and with Astara were underscored with new layers of meaning in judo and karate.   Now I am passing on my lifetime of self-centering through breath in my sound therapy work.  Please stay tuned for more on this topic.


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The Gentle Way

Sound therapy includes bringing the memories of trauma to a place of rest.  A half-hour SomaTuner spinus process is a very gentle way to begin processing trauma.  I had learned from my Father that the SomaTuner octaves of the Solfeggio frequencies allow trauma to be processed slowly and completely at the cellular level.  While the most immediate benefit of the spinus process is a sensation of calm due to the reduction of musclar stress, the longer response from the body is a reduction of habitual clutter at the cellular level.   Habitual movements and mannerisms can be reviewed from a newer and more open space, and changing the mechanics of movement can be more easily accomplished.  Also there is the clinically proven “NO puffing” and the release of the bloat of nitric oxide which in turn allows the cells to more easily obtain and digest nutrients.

The Solfeggio tones are carried in the etheric energy tuners, and the results of sound therapy varies from the SomaTuners.  Sometimes vivid memories come up for us to work through  during the work with the etheric tuning forks.  Talking  through memories and clarifying responses is easily done.  My client and I discuss healing intention, completions of the healing of traumatic events, and how to bring any unresolved memories to a place of rest.  Then we proceed with any revised intention of healing and celebrating the completions.   Celebrating completions allow the creation of open space for new thoughts, intentions, or projects accompanied by a sensation of peace.


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Sound Coaching Webinars with Self-Improvement Tools

I have been capturing coaching tools into one, two, and three hour presentation concepts and support materials.  Concepts like walking on your heels into new circumstances in place of leaning forward into other folks’ energy, and methods to center and move past habitual thought responses into gentle awe and excitement for now.

This information is the result of my own efforts and what has worked for me.  I have been placing myself in major injuries, fortune 500 job changes, family and friend caretaking, and small business ownership for my sound and accounting services for over a decade.  There has been much to be present with and to move through; and, there was little time to process change.  I chose to process huge internal changes while maintaining my balance and not getting stuck on any one desired outcome.

I am designing these presentations to include password protected review areas.  Those folks not able to attend the live event(s) will be able to access the classes and materials for a small fee.  I feel it is necessary to do this for my own development as too often I have given too much with unexpected results directed back to me.  Short and simple surveys will be made available within the review site to find ways to improve the site, presentations, topics, and the materials.

Please contact me with concept ideas and suggestions for support materials that you want to see included here.


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A Paid Subscription Area Is Coming!

During a brainstorming session I understood that setting up a paid subscription area would help those folks who want training using sound to develop skills like:

Feet under shoulders (balance in giving and receiving),

Stepping in with your heels (Walking into new vibrations in balance),

What is true now (Moving Second Chakra response to heart centered presence.)

Stay tuned for more.

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Four Markers of Healing Intention

Marker 1:  I am in the Zone.  Zoning into healing virtue is an art form practiced in all the martial arts and yoga expressed as focus through meditation.  The act of owning completeness and fulfillment makes space for clarity as well as space for potential actions to be expressed.  Tai Chi practices owning potentiated space through the flow of chi. Honoring the cooperation of the healing virtue is a gift of grace deserving practice.  What disciplines have you developed?

Marker 2:  Quiet time. Actively seeking clarity of purpose is a marker of healing intention.  Setting aside some time in the day for quiet is my practice. What works for you?

Marker 3:  Multiple access points.  A single breath drawn with healing intention brings me to center most of the time.  The question “What is true now?” will allow me to bridge my freshly centered energy and the circumstance calling for my conscious breath.    For example, a friend is upset and approaches me with the intention of engaging my energy.  I take a conscious breath to arrive at my own center before engaging in conversation.  “What is true now” may be that my friend looks nicely dressed or that there are comfortable places to sit together for a chat.  The energy directed at me is diverted into a momentary choice before I consciously invite their intended topic to our  conversation.  In that manner we both have had the space to breathe a shared moment of quiet together, to simply enjoy each other, before sharing our experiences.  My friend and I are free to choose the level of engagement from a calmer perspective.  How would you greet your friend?

Marker 4:  The attitude of gratitude brings altitude.  Actively searching for a foothold of gratitude allows me to move to my healing space.  Watching  the roller and paint tray bump to the floor brought great thanks that there was no paint in the tray.  Had there been paint, the cement floor would have cleaned quite easily.  I find gratitude is my quickest way to move from emotional sabotage of “Why did I do that!” to “What is the next step” choices from a point of clarity.  How are you kind to yourself?


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Healing Intention is the Key-What do you choose now?

Entrainment or resonance allows subtle changes at the cellular level to align with the dominant vibration.  Group consciousness is based upon entrainment, whether in meetings, churches, or the pub.  When the group contemplates health and wholeness, a scientifically measurable subtle  energy develops quickly.  This energy has been photographed as orbs or something appearing to be snow.

When some sounds are amplified and at specific frequencies, the consequences can be significant.  It is well accepted that refreshment glasses will break during specific operatic performances.  A good summary of applied harmonics and resonance is available in this Tesla documentary:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W–_FKJnMFI&feature=relmfu

Developing a healing intention results in change of energy and focus into the choice for a new experience.  The change can be to be based on intention toward rather than away from the objective.  ‘I do not want to be sick’ puts the energy on sick.  ‘I want to be whole’ puts the energy on whole.  ‘I choose to live this moment completely’ puts the focused energy on embracing  the abundant symphony of sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, smells and subtle sensations available right where you are now.  What do you choose?

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Just what is a Sonic Shower?

For the Trek fans like me, a sonic shower creates images of a waterless exposure to sound that clears the pores and recharges Dax and all the other StarTrek crew members.  Sadly, no wizard has yet made a commercially viable 528 sonic shower or rest assured I would be rating it at Amazon!

However, we are subjected to sonic showers regularly to introduce group synergy.  Let me provide a quote: “Jazz singer Brous based the idea on a singing exercise she learnt as a student at Wesley College. “I love the idea of having a group of disparate people coming together in the middle of the city on the way to whatever they are doing that day to share an activity. When you have a group of voices moving around and shifting pitch, the result is quite extraordinary. It creates some great textures and the harmony is changing all the time. What begins as a sort of chord colour will sculpt itself naturally by the voices moving; it brings people together.” Read more at: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/sonic-shower-among-citys-symphony-20110527-1f7ka.html#ixzz27L8QtqsZ

Singing bowls, flutes, and drums have been used through history to celebrate meals and gatherings.  Pipe organs saturate with resonances from the pipe so that people leave supper meetings, theaters and churches with heightened perceptions and group awareness after their sonic showers.

Certain concert pieces leave the audience enraptured and supercharged, and the orchestra members so charged they are unable to sleep at all while others require less sleep to feel recharged and well rested.  Most notably, other concert scores shower the musicians in sounds resulting in member fatigue, illness, accidents, indigestion and  statistically significant higher rates of performance absence.

As for me, I would like to see a 528 hertz sonic shower head attachment commercially available or sent to me as a prototype for review.  Until then, I will use my 528 hertz MI tuner along with the other Solfeggio tuners with a healing intention on myself and others.  I offer private sessions and classes in sound therapy using the Solfeggio tones.  Please contact me for more information.

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Equinox and Sonic Cleaning Human Energies in 2012

The balance of the day and night is bringing balance throughout 2012, the year of transformation.  A few more minutes to relax and think bigger allowed me to focus on commercially accepted uses for sonic services.  Sonigrams can be used to testing objects within, including solid rock showing caverns as explained by a Shasta Lake Caverns tour guide yesterday.  My former employer, Napa Pipe, used sonic testing to find air pockets in welds and in steel plate.  Medical sonic services include pictures made without using radioactive materials.  My former employer, Syar Industries, used sonic testing to find commercially viable pockets of minerals underground for use with concrete and asphalt.

In the last 10 years, commercial applications include in home sonic cleaning.  Draperies, blinds, and delicate fabrics are candidates for commercial sonic cleaning services.  I did a quick search  and found many webpages of advertisements doing in-home sonic cleaning of draperies in place.

Is it such a stretch to think of using the Solfeggio Tones to sonically clean client energy fields? Using shared healing intention, I offer clients the opportunity to sonically adjust and clear their own energy fields while I provide and facilitate the tones UT, RE, M, FA, SOL, LA and the frequencies of 396, 417, 528, 639, 741,  and 852 hertz respectively.  These are tones not readily available using our present concert “A” and digital music scales.  These frequencies and their cymatic displays can be found on church walls and other locations of archeological significance.  The Latin translations for the tone MI 528 hertz frequency is resolve your problems/pollutions.  MI at 528 hertz is also known as the miracle tone.  And the Gulf Waters were cleared of oil spill contamination using 528 hertz.

The most common comment after my clients experience their first etheric energy field tuning is, “Wow”.   The next comment usually is, “I feel so peaceful.”  I teach certification path and non-certification path classes as well as offering private session.  I am developing self-healing methods using the OM and Solfeggio tones and healing intentions.  I find my own search is often for balance in my everyday activities.  My recent private sessions have shown me new patterns in the  2012 intentions  that I wish to make available for use by others.

May this equinox bring balance to you.

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528 Hertz Stories and Once Upon A Time….

A few years ago while teaching the second Energy Vitality Technique class, my hostess had a drain problem.  Quick as a flash, she pulled out her MI tuner and tuned the sink and the drain with her gold 528 hertz unweighted tuner.  I honor greatly the effective and efficient healing response of the body to the etheric energy tuners.  Even so, she and I looked at each other and then the ceiling in amazed gratitude as the drain gurgled and the full sink promptly emptied.  We both celebrated the chugging noises of a clear drain.  Several more gallons of water coursed through to the pipe, and the problem has not recurred.

So why did I remember this now?  My space has been a bit disordered for the last few months, and my house and yard have been receiving a lot of attention.  I have been setting up a larger sound healing classroom and meeting area, relocating my accounting office, and upgrading my sound healing room.  My home connections to the community are reflecting these internal changes back to me.  Yesterday I found myself hacksawing out some fittings by the water meter.  This morning I will hotseal new connecting parts in place.  Then I will request public works to turn the water on.  In my meditation this morning, I saw myself  watching my sound therapy hostess tune her drain with the full expectation of a miracle cure.  Now I will tune my home and the water fittings to complete my process of connecting to the public water works.   Let the healing be complete.

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Licensing through NTANA and SSHLB–What is the next step?

I am a certified master sound therapy teacher licensed through Natural Therapies Association of North America (NTANA).  I am also licensed under SomaEnergetics Spiritual Healer Licensing Board (SSHLB).   I have renewed for 3 years now, and I still enjoy the teaching and the private sessions.  I have not kept booths at the local healing fairs in 2012  as I have concentrated my free time on developing my tuning office and classroom.

While I have used and keep many tuning forks available, I prefer those based on the Solfeggio tones.  I carry and sell the full range of Solfeggio based tuners in addition to teaching classes on the use of SomaEnergetic trademark materials and copyrighted classes.

I am also a Biosonic tuning fork distributor, and I do have a small amount of inventory available for sale.  I can special order any product for you.

I have been considering training beyond continuing education.  I am seeking the appropriate vehicle and methods of documentation for my client’s experiences.  I had been looking at a Ph.D. degree in Transformative Leadership specializing in Sound Therapy.  Clinically documenting my experiences with the Solfeggio tones would be great fun for me.

An alternative plan is developing credentials in Reflexology as I have used Reflexology in my self-healing for decades.  I find using the Solfeggio tones on reflexology points allows me to direct healing to parts of my body not easily reached.

There are other alternatives.  I delight in seeking out what is appropriate for me.



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OM Tuner, 136.1 Hertz,and Pain Reduction

I began my tuning fork journey with finding 15 pain free minutes from a 6 month migraine.  Western Medicine had prescribed pain-killers that only masked the pain and left me drowsy and confused.  In my accounting profession, clarity is a must, so I looked elsewhere for pain relief.  My pain tolerance grew greater as the levels of pain increased.  Then I found the relief provided by the OM tuner.  No side effects, and I could use the OM tuner as much as I wanted.  The periods of pain decreased in length as I used the OM tuner to clear the underlying cause, slowly, over time, and with persistent healing intention.

A friend with arthritisI recently allowed me to work with her using the OM tuner and the SomaTuners.  She got up from the table pain free, and she bought an OM tuner on the spot.  I am very grateful.

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Just Intonation and Fractile Living

The awesome beauty of fractile living is that there are infinite voices, opportunities, and options.  When talking of pitch, those around me are ordinarily talking of the key of  Concert C and Concert A.  In 1955, the pitch of “A” was changed to 440 hertz.*  All the respective voices of instruments tuned to the first chair Violin A were tuned accordingly.   Outside of orchestra circles, is this has vastly affected contemporary music.  Most digitized instruments including pianos, violins, and other musical instruments are tuned to the revised and affirmed A440 tone.

A440 is not universally accepted.  Tones of the indigenous African, Asian, Aborigine, East and American Indians remain largely unchanged and include what is now named the Solfeggio tones. The Solfeggio tones (UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA) documented as late as chants by Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 17 September 1179) were depicted as square (not oval) notes.  The tone of Solfeggio’s RE is 417 hertz, only slightly distant from the contemporary baroque “A” standard accepted as 415 hertz.

Just intonation may be thought of as those tones resolving to 3, 6, and 9.   When these tones are made available to my friends, their bodies and minds literally absorb the sounds.  The most common words I hear in offering the Solfeggio tones in sound therapy is “Wow. I feel so peaceful.”

* ISO 16:1975 Acoustics — Standard tuning frequency (Standard musical pitch). From the International Organization for Standardization. 1975.This standard was taken up by the International Organization for Standardization in 1955 (reaffirmed by them in 1975) as ISO 16.

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Kindred Spirits

At those blessed times when I find myself surrounded by kindred spirits, it is magical.  Talk is useful, and  talk can be effective.  Sometimes the silence comes, the celebration of completed communication.  Silence feels to me is the graduation signal  Before the new begins with a flurry of sounds and preparations, I celebrate that moment of pause and quiet.

I am just back from the 2012 EloheimChannel.com retreat, bringing new friends, new energies, and new communication as well as the opportunity to teach a breakout group.  And now is the silence as the holiday is celebrated and preparations for the new cycle begins.  There is much to contemplate on developing webinars and meetups using the internet.  And the seeking out of once a month facilities for local sound healing services and classes.

I have offered sound healing with the Solfeggio Frequencies since 2006.  I have always been told that saving for Christmas presents meant folks would not require my services between now and Christmas.  So I say this year let your Christmas present be spent on yourself!  Let the opportunity for claiming new levels of wellness in all your weave:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual be celebrated in some way.  Sound works for me, and I would be thrilled to offer my services in teaching or in presentations or in private sessions.

Yes, I travel, so please hostess me by helping bring together like minded folks in groups or in a series of one on one.  It is necessary that this be revenue neutral, especially when I am over 50 miles from my Fairfield home base as this requires a place to stay and a space to work  Please contact me with your thoughts, dreams, and plans.  Two together can move mountains!

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Sound Used in Release of Emotional Trauma

Trauma is ordinarily released from the body slowly, cell by cell, to allow complete assimilation of the experience.   In a healthy memory all five primary senses (tasting, touching, hearing, seeing, and smelling) record all life events for memory replay with emotions attached.  Some events are emotionally uncomfortable and are repressed forcing the body to skip over parts of the memory much like a skipping cd or dvd track jerks and replays without going on.  The body messages may become confused and filled with static creating discomfort and more trauma.  The messages and emotional rejections are often stored along with the original 3D memory replayed by the cells for resolution.

The body attempts to heal trauma cell by cell slowly to allow complete assimilation of the experience.  Once the process is completed, all energies are released back to present life.  The experiences completely processed are sloughed off much as a scab drops from a healed cut or burn.  Healing includes  resolving all sensory perceptions of the event so that the sights, sounds, odors, touch, and taste carry neither pleasure or pain emotions.  I find sound therapy encourages resolution to gratitude for the rich and abundant sensory experiences lived.  The emotional trauma finds no discord attached to the cells, and trauma simply drops away.  Sensory perceptions are enhanced for gathering new experiences.

I offer private sessions, sell tuning supplies, and teach courses for self-healing or certification.  Please use the contact form for more information.

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Scared Stiff vs “NO Puffing”

Ordinarily anxiety and stress are partners to the fight or flight adrenaline response.  The body’s occasional use of adrenaline is a healthy response that allows one to move quickly to avoid a perceived threat.  Breathing in a normal adrenaline response returns to normal shortly after the threat is neutralized.

The current American culture invites continuous adrenaline response in television and radio during leisure time and on the job stress during working hours.  The body is deluged with sights and sounds that invite adrenaline from the ballgame to the fast food shops.  The body is often tempted to  literally hold its breath, cell by cell, waiting for release from the perceived threat.  The levels of nitric oxide build up and result in stagnation within the cells.  Presenting the body with easeful sights and sounds such as beauty in nature allows the body to relax into better balance.  The body can be coached into better balance with tuning forks that scientifically show a NitricOxide  puffing, “NO Puffing”  and “spiking” as the body responds to the release is  a clinically proven phenomena.  Research done by Salaman, E., Kim, M., Beaulieu, J. and Stefano, G. (2002) found that a 128 cps tuning fork spikes NO and enhances NO puffing.  In addition to the other attributes of the Solfeggio tones, the SomaEnergetics etheric and color body tuners are documented as aiding the body to release nitric oxide.  The body processes the spiking response long beyond the session.   Research clearly indicate at least a 24 hour response as the body reduces stress levels and resumes normal processes.

Salaman, E., Kim, M., Beaulieu, J., & Stefano, G. (2002). Sound Therapy Induced Relaxation: Down Regulating Stress Processes and Pathologies. Retrieved from http://www.biosonics.com/-strse-template/article_Sound_Healing/Page.bok

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Om Tuner and owning feeling Safe

“Women like to feel safe; men like to feel awesome” are words from the local meetings Wednesday night with Veronica.  I find the OM tuner resonates with women a lot, and partly it is because they feel safe with it.  At any fair I had a table, I sold at least 3 OM tuners for ever 20 or so free one minute OM tunings..   Men like feeling safe though they are less likely to buy the OM tuner. Men are more likely to ask the price and jump on the table for a full session, then and there or in a private session after the fair.   I do not know whether this is because men KNOW they deserve pampering or whether women are so blown away by dramatic change in something they thought they could not change that they are simply grateful to be able to promote healing.

Women buy the tuner because the muscle spasms stop; the migraines stop;, they feel more peaceful.  For me a 6 month migraine was stopped for 15 whole minutes while pain meds had just made me sleepy and confused.  So 15 painfree minutes may not sound like much to some folks though at the height of tax season and 18 hour work days it was a miracle for me.  And I could stop migraines again and again by tuning myself with the OM tuner.  I got so I could intercept the migraine before it could settle in.  And the more I tuned myself with the OM tuner, the longer the painfree intervals.  Sometimes for night driving, I still pull out an OM tuner  that the headlight glare is quietened.   Mostly now the OM tuner is a luxury and a pleasant friendly vibration helping with meditations.

I started ruminating on the “women like to feel safe” part of the earlier quote in preparation for my breakout group at the upcoming  retreat in Sonoma.  If it is a small breakout group, everyone gets at least a 1 minute OM tuning, and I want to talk to the others as they watch me interact with the volunteer.  It will be different from the 25 or so healing fairs I have done in that it is a short presentation to whomever wishes to come.    Fewer folks means more personal attention.  And I will delight in seeing the spontaneous, WOW as I close each session.  It is great fun.  See www.eloheim.com for more on the meetings and retreat.

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What does the Current Me Desire from This?

For the third time, I have renewed my Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher license with NTANA–tada! Natural Therapies 2012-2013 Renewal I find it amazing that this is my third licensing as all remains as fresh as yesterday in my mind.

I am looking at developing a series of one, two, and three hour live demonstrations on staying in my own power.  These are activities using sound to allow me to be my authentic self while moving through uncomfortable circumstances like choosing personal work ethics, death of a loved one, grief for a loved one living or dead, and unexpected outcomes.

Please stay tuned for more information on these live and webcast offerings.

Thanks for staying tuned!




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My Kindle and Sound Therapy

My kindle travels with me. I have it read to me. Sometimes the books are for fun, and sometimes the books are read to help me refresh anatomy, acupressure, trigger points, and related anatomical fields. My minor in biology in college stayed with me; I do periodic reviews of current literature. My kindle helps me do it.

I originally bought my Kindle 3G for the world-wide wireless access. My kindle 3G can be used for surfing the internet (though with much patience) without using my dsl. It is reassuring to know I can access emails on Kindle or go to Starbucks or MickyD.

I expect Amazon would could have books published with Kindle wireless success stories!

Have a great day!

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Solar Energy Gathering Cloth to Plug into the Weave

Tonight I was asked what are the 5 things that I want that I cannot have. I Want a weave of cloth that I can drape as draperies or as building covering or roof covering that I can gather solar energy and release the powers that be from their obligation to deliver power to me. I let the other 4 pass for now.

Is anyone out there listening?

If you are, please know that I will support you.

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Learning to Listen to Underlying Tones

While machines told me my hearing range and cognition was always exceptional, the Solfeggio tones have taught me to listen even more closely to the detail and the quality of the sounds about me. I had been sensitive to nature’s layers of sounds,from the bird and squirrel chatter to the leaf talk in the breeze. And I find that same ability can be heard in the sound tracks of mp3, friends, and of telephone partners.

An acquaintance 3000 miles away had a new rasping quality to his inhalation that I recognized clearly. We discussed the importance of intent in breathing that the process is not shut down in the throat and the upper chest. Intention to nourish and cherish the body, mind, and spirit with breath allows life to flow with zest. There was great hesitation on his part to listen to this message for he told me it seemed too simple. Now I find it is the simple things that respond most readily to intention and afford changes in the body, mind and spirit connections that literally propel the body past the goal post into healthy be-ing at all levels.

As a client on my table, I would be offering the OM tuner and offering the opportunity to talk in safety. I would discuss the use of mantra, and I would offer some starting phrase to build on that new neural pathways would be made available. I would discuss the right to choose and the use of intention.

I am finding that I must focus with great intention on my underlying habits, often useful in some circumstances yet mere habits of laziness. To say it another way: Rather than giving myself the right to choose to ‘color with all the crayons’ in a given moment, the crayon in my hand is being used again and again. There are other crayons in the box.

Let the sound of breath have the tonal qualities of wholesomeness and acceptance of self. Let each breath be a blessing.

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The Tone of my Independence Day Projects

Each year’s independence day had been devoted in part or in whole starting or finishing one project for my beautiful home. Past years had been devoted to new flower areas, new trellis, paint the porch, stain the bordering 6 foot fence, build the greenhouse, and this year is tile over the linoleum for the half-bath, utility room, and kitchen. The linoleum was in reasonable shape except for the surface now softening to mar and pick up dirt easily.

This Independence Day project also prepares for the Phase 1 Energy Vitality Technique class scheduled in two weeks, class size limited to 9. Please contact me for information on the upcoming Solfeggio tuning fork classes. If East Bay of San Francisco is too far away for you to come, please contact me so we can discuss hosting a class in your area. Hosting involves setting up a space for 20 students as well as advertising with local folks so there are enough interested people to practice and learn the techniques and fund the cost of the facilities. Come share independence, and sound the tone of creating a great environment for healing.

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Giving from a Happy, Full Heart

My original intention in every action is coming into focus at this time. My intention in offering training in Solfeggio sound therapy is sharing what I have observed useful to myself, and then others, and then combining into an unlimited toolset. The basic training for the courses was developed by Dr. David Hulse and passed through classroom training to me. My teaching method presents David’s training through the Phase 1, Phase 2, and SomaTuner classes. As work is performed by classmates on classmates, I observe and pass along some of the methods I found useful in addition to David’s training with the reminder that classes beyond mine will require David’s methods to be the primary toolset.

Some folks only want my services. One person came back from a private session reporting they were able to intercept the undesired source before it became thought, breathe in and out, and choose to move on with the gratitude of knowing that habit was done, complete, finished. Such happiness was pouring from my client that I could only smile with contentment and congratulate her on her graduation and her contentment.

I find that when happiness flows from my heart, I often feel others responding to my presence. I feel the happiness is often shared with a long and grateful glance in my direction by bird, dog, or person.

In much the same manner the Solfeggio tones offer serenity to the heart. The shared client healing intention accompanied by the healing tones allows reduction in tension and increase in serenity. My intention in private sessions is to aid the client in moving from painful habitual response into more balanced and heart-centered actions and intentions. Many of the folks want recordings so they can remember what came up as we explored their healing intention.

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A Celebration of Life for Edwin C. Schunke

My Father’s 98th birthday was celebrated at Shell Beach south of Jennings, CA with sound and ceremony. He died exactly 6 months prior at age 97 1/2. His body was amazingly fit and strong up to his 97th birthday when he stated, “I quit my day job”, i.e. abiding by the rules of independent living at Emeritus. His mind remained clear through to taking his last nap at a board and care of his choosing surrounded by staff and friends that adored him almost as I did. My Father supported my sound work, and more than once got off my massage table saying he felt wonderful. Sound therapy stabilized him even under the watchful eyes of hospice. One hospice therapist bought an OM tuner after seeing what it did for Dad and then feeling her own response as Dad watched us both. We shared many experiences, and I celebrate our shared journey.

Our favorite times shared were when we hiked together, especially the annual 10 day souljourns in the Tetons of Wyoming and Idaho. Dad carried the food (his pack got lighter, and he relished that!) while I carried the tent, water, and the sierra stove. There was the snow camping in Mt. Shasta’s treeline that we both agreed we were glad we did once. We practiced for the Tetons by hiking the Sierras and around Lake Tahoe, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam area, Mt. Tam and many others. We had other shared adventures from scuba diving & water skiing to flying his Luscombe airplane. Yet we kept going back to the hiking for the contact with nature and the great folks on the trails. My torn ligament and shoulder surgeries limited our hiking to day hikes after 2001, and my sound work is continuing to nuture my body back to fitness for the next hike.

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My Match-Less Friends

‘As I change, you change’ is a teaching I found in the forest. When I walk with my tree friends, I find myself greeting them and celebrating in their strength and song. So, too, am I learning to greet all other friends, old and new. I am finding some friends are changing with me, and some are not. The folks changing with me are those present with me and not matching my energy. Rather, they are staying in their own energy as I come to appreciate that I am able to stay in mine. I find greeting friends as I greet my trees allows the greatest appreciation and respect for our individual choices and resultant journeys.

I used to be compelled to match energies with those around me, seeking to understand and be understood. I find this simply never works.

As one of my Match-Less Friends, I offer you my presence and my sound therapy services.

Please contact me for a private therapy session and more information.

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Why sound healing? What do I do?

Sometimes life’s curve balls bring physical pain. Rather than masking the pain in hopes it will just go away, I bring in my OM tuner and SomaTuner forks. Just about any pain will resolve in minutes. Some pains come back, and I carefully offer sound again, with attention, awareness, and healing intention. Gratitude is the best door opener, like “Thank you for bringing this pain to my attention (again).” Then a quick review of recent activities to see whether I have overdone and fatigued the area or whether this is telling me something else. I offer the sound, wait for feedback, and I listen.

For instance on Saturday I carried an awkward and very heavy Infoprint 20 up a flight of stairs for immediate use in my new network setup. With the excitement and success, my body did not complain on Saturday; yet I knew I had overdone. Applying sound to the complaining areas over the course of Sunday resolved most of my pain. Good rest last night resolved even the high left hip pain. No pills, just sound, patience, persistence, and healing intention. This was not a surprise as my migraines, dental, knee, and shoulder surgeries responded in the identical manner: reduction of inflammation, improved pain tolerance, and quick healing.

I am grateful to have studied the tuning forks all these years ago, and I am especially grateful for the dialog with my healing intention.

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Phase 1 On-Line Training to support Hands onTraining

The plan for preliminary on line training with later practical application on two or more class members is being tested. The benefits are that the material can be covered in one or more computer sessions in advance of a moderated performance of the techniques in groups of 2 or more.

Phase 1 introduces a sound modality using the Solfeggio tones which allows the recipient to comfortably use a shared healing intention enhanced by sound therapy. Solfeggio tones are stored within the body and facilitate a steady transition toward the shared healing intention. The most frequent response expressed by my clients after therapy has been relaxation and focusing of the mind and heart together toward their desired goal. This relaxed attitude brings changes easily assimilated into daily life.

Please contact me for further the Phase One class, audit credit, and on-line training information and regularly offerings in Phase 1, Phase 2, and the SomaTuner CE approved workshops.

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Choose and Choose Again!

Seeking clarity inside out often results in my cleaning out corners, boxes, and habits. Placing a stick of cinnamon in the car adds a flavor and scent that brings a happy smile to my face. To me the cinnamon aroma is pleasing in the confined space of the car, specifically my 1987 Toyota Cressida. It has been garaged for most of its working life. It has been used somewhat for the last three years though not as much as I had intended. The two car garage is too tight to allow the drivers doors to open while both cars are inside. It was delightful to drive the Toyota about the neighborhood. Tomorrow will have me driving it further while running errands. While the chassis has over 315,000 miles on it and looks very nice inside and out, the current engine has about 90,000 miles. It is still within California spec, runs very quietly, and it was getting 28 miles to the gallon on the interstate most of the time.

It has some considerations like no heat/defrost because the heater core needs replaced. Air conditioning never quite worked right, so I took the belt off 250,000 miles ago. The gas mileage jumped up 3 miles to the gallon just taking off the drag from the air conditioner. The left turn signal needs to be held just short of full on to keep pulsing.

It has only 3,000 miles on Michelin tires, timing belt changed just before the new tires were put on, and synthetic oil changed in February for smog testing. A spare complete air intake system came when I could not buy aftermarket parts. I pulled a complete intake off a Cressida with only 45,000 miles; one bit was cracked in the identical place mine was cracked right by the fuel intake. So I used the complete duplicate to my own car’s intake to test out my parts to find all worked perfectly. Just the one bit was cracked, likely damaged by the same fuel changes that made mine brittle. A third car supplied the final replacement part so my car runs perfectly!

Yes, there are a lot of habits there–tinkering, fixing, driving this Toyota simply brings me such pleasure on the open road. Unfortunately, it was not designed for bumper to bumper traffic or slow and go as Highway 12 so often is. It is a one owner car–my first new car bought with money earned from my CPA public accounting job immediately after moving to California. This car and I have covered a lot of territory together! Ahhhh, habits. I choose to enjoy it, again and again.

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Staying in My Own Energy–Sound Therapy

1. Please join my meeting, Sunday, May 06, 2012 at 4:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) – a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (267) 507-0005
Access Code: 146-834-903
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 146-834-903

Online Meetings Made Easy®

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Sound Therapy Meeting on Line Covering “Staying in My Own Energy!”

Keeping my own core energy high has been in my face for the last few months. I have learned some tooling that I wish to make available to you. I have a vast selection of frequencies and tuning forks that I use regularly. By far, the OM tuner reigns supreme at the top of my list.

For me, using the OM tuner brings a calmness, and I feel the OM tuner calls energy back to my core. I keep it handy when driving long distances; I use it for facilitating meditation.

I am scheduling interactive web classes on “Staying in My Own Energy”. The class size will be limited to 15 or less on May 6th at 4PM PDT, San Francisco time. A few volunteers for a live demonstration would facilitate the session. Please use the contact for more information on participating live or over the web.

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Chakras and Business Life Cycles

I find the lifetime of a business idea mirrors the lifetime expressed through the body, mind, spirit connection of a physical body. On the April 28th SomaShare webcast, I will discuss and demonstrate using focus on the idea’s body development from preconception or intention through idea maturation. Using the Solfeggio tones with the body of an idea, energy centers or chakras surface and can be addressed individually. Once reviewed individually, the idea attributes are rewoven in support of refreshed attitudes and intentions. Comparing idea inception to current expression establishes the foundations for revitalizing growth.

Please contact me for further information. A contact form is provided for your convenience.

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SomaShare Weekend Bonus April 28

I am calling for 6 volunteers to help me demonstrate Solfeggio Tones for the Upcoming Share weekend, April 28th. As a volunteer, you will be featured on my teaching webcast. Your bonus for participating will be a free tuning and watching the SomaShare event with me at no cost to you. This is a $190 value free for coming to participate. Please contact me for details.

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Certification Path Schematic

Tim has provided an updated schematic of the path toward certification as a SomaEnergetics Sound Practitioner. Clicking this link will open a pdf file of the detailed study plan.SomaCertPath2012MASTER

The certification classes begin with Phase 1, formerly Level 1. Annual national licensing is available through NTANA in tiers. Annual spiritual healer licensing is available through SSHLB. I teach the Phase 1, Phase 2, and SomaTuner beginning courses. Please contact me for more information on class availability and to host a class in your home town.

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SomaTuner Six Hour Class Fun!

Thank you Patricia, Kristin, Barbara, Lisa, and Joan for a memorable and FUN class! The SomaTuner class is 6 contact hours of uses for the SomaTuners. Our training manual offers us accupressure, meridian, elements, chakra, and spinus process techniques. Our hands on time affords everyone practice giving and receiving tones. Techniques are acquired for working with client concerns, issues, and focus while discussing methods to reward client solicited and unsolicited feedback.

Preparing the body for the tones involves asking permission, and clients are offered the OM tuner of Earth 136.1 hertz. By asking permission, indications of client readiness and responses guide the practitioner in both the proximity of the tuners to the ears. tone application method, and methods to reduce stress so as to invite quietness and healing response.

Thank you for another memorable classroom experience and for the wealth of practiced arts brought to the table, literally!

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Here is what one of my students is saying!

Marypat Lee was hostess to a Phase 2 workshop in Oceanside.  The attached video shows me actually tuning the photographer’s friend as this video was taken.  The photographer brought a friend that she knew could benefit from energy work due to emotional trauma.  Her friend had never investigated healing and energy work and was objective with the opportunity as she wanted new ways to move past habitual thoughts.  I was delighted to aid this lovely woman to literally see some of the pictures her body was unable to process for the split second that it took her to move past the trauma and into forgiveness and true healing.   Thank you, Marypat for being a great hostess and a good neighbor to a friend of friend in need. Please witness the healing response beginning at 1:31 of video. If the link does not open properly in your browser, you may find this video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o_Q1xk6uYs

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Somatuner Class on February 18th in Fairfield

The 6 credit hour body tuner class will be offered in Fairfield, CA on February 18th from 9AM-4PM. A light lunch of soup, salad and sandwiches will be available.

I have found that working with the weighted tuners based on the Solfeggio tones allows folks to process trauma in a very quiet and gentle manner. The clarity comes of a change to inner silence and reduced or eliminated pain. The single most common response is a deep breath and gentle exhalation. Then a few quiet words for the difference.

Please contact me for more information regarding this pdf flyer on the class.Feb18_2012BodyTunerClass

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Happy New Year!

Ring in the new year with Solfeggio Tones. Let 528 Hertz, MI, be rung round the world to clear pollution demonstrated with the oil dumped in the Gulf of Mexico clearing. Beautiful YouTubes videos show the blessed results.

Let these precious tones clear the pollution of our bodies and minds as praised in the Gregorian Chants more than a thousand years ago in Latin, “solve pollute” for tones to allow you solve your problems. ‘Song of St. John the Baptist’ has documentation of long, long standing.

Please use the contact form for more information.

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Clinical Confirmation, again.

A heart rate measured as 44 became a heart rate of 66 beats per minute. My father’s heart rate has been measured as low as 36 beats per minute, no pain, clear thinking, pink toes and fingers. ‘Does he meditate?’ you might ask. Well, of a sort. He is 97 and a half, processing memories and current events from a new space.

I say clinical confirmation, again, because after his measurement of 36 beats per minute on Thursday, I offered my body the OM tuner and then I used the SomaTuners in a pattern and with the intention of clearing the chakras so by touching my Father’s arm with my hand he could be offered ease. This ease fills in sufficient energy to empower his choices of getting better within the body or through the processes of exiting the body. While some folks call leaving the body death, for me it is a change of frequency and address. In the meantime, he is passing fluids and solids through normal methods, comfortable, and pain free with the exception of a sore, dry throat from coughing the last of the pneumonia phlem out and through the dryness of the oxygen level 2 intake.

Most bodies are dense and carry undigested food as debri filled waters pumped by an overworked pump called the heart. My father did not believe in excesses of food or alcoholic beverage though he did imbibe. Edwin often skipped meals when he could get away with it or was creating something. He did enjoy half a beer, a thimble of port wine or half a glass of sherry from time to time. Throwing caution to the winds, he sipped and savored 8 ounces of champaign along with 12 ounces of chicken and mashed potatoes yesterday. Supplementing this with 12 ounces of ginger beer and about 12 ounces of aloe vera juice was some water when he least expected it so he could not easily say no.

With not eating more than a bite or two of solid food today and with resting with me or his caretakers at his side, his heart rate was 44, and he was warm in a sunny west facing room. The hospice nurse expressed her concern, and I agreed that I had not offered sound therapy today as I was concentrating on getting liquids of all types into him a sip at a time. So I asked Judy whether she wanted to be an eyewitness to the effect of the sound frequencies applied to myself then through me to my father using physical touch on his arm for a short period. Less than 5 minutes of OM tuner slowly followed by the gold and green SomaTuners brought me to a better place of calm and his heart rate up to 66. Admittedly his circulation remained slow to respond leaving the hint of mottled toe tips. Still, the measurement surprised her as there was no direct intervention or intrusive process during the short time I toughed his arm. I activated the tuners with intention to be in better balance myself and offer the improved energy on; Edwin did respond. I left for a break, letting him enjoy his favorite Andre Rieu “Tuscany” with his traditional teary greeting for classical music and solo violin. He is very much his own man and still very communicative without speech.

Added some time later:
About half an hour after completing the post above and preparing to go back to Father, I received a telephone call asking me to come back promptly as my Father had just passed. He had been bathed by his favorite attendant, and he was comfortably and soundly sleeping when his supper was brought in a few minutes later. They did not wish to disturb him, so they came back a few minutes later to find him no longer breathing. His attendants were very distraught as he had been recovering so well from pneumonia and appeared very comfortable. As ever it was his choice; he remained his own man and communicative to the end. Heidi

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Tuning the Holidays and Counting Blessings

The familiar Christmas tones and lyrics are already replaced with political speculation and intrigue on radio and TV. The brief respite for balance of the energies in the turning point of long nights to lengthening days has been celebrated. A client friend has left his wife and two college age boys after a massive and complicated stroke. His family grieves and counts their blessings for their many fine family adventures.

I am also counting my blessings to have a 97 and a half year old father only just settling into his sickbed. We have backpacked hundreds of miles in the Teton heights from Driggs airport to the base of Grand Teton annually from 1992 through 2001 with other hiking trails thrown into the mix starting with 1972 adventures from the North Rim down to the the Grand Canyon basin during a tropical storm’s unseasonal cold rainfall.

Pneumonia is difficult at any age. Keeping my Father breathing deeply has been easier using the OM tuner and the Solfeggio inspired SomaTuners on myself. He receives the benefits yet he is not disturbed by the slight tickling on his skin. Courtesy of the antibiotics, his chest is clearing; his mind and heart remain clear. Yet even turning over in bed is an effort now. His verbal speech is difficult and mostly yes/no/enough, and much of our communication is by squeezing of hands in response to my questions. I watched him calmly staring wide eyed straight toward the ceiling yesterday as I was using the weighted tuners on myself. When he looked at me, I asked what he was watching. He made no effort to confirm or indicate what he is seeing. Yet his eyes appeared to be watching something with what I would describe as amazement.

Last evening he was sleeping soundly with only an occasional productive cough. He is eating and drinking fluids. Yet he feels to me to be just waiting for his own right timing. I will keep using the weighted tuners on myself and watch that his breathing remains deep and strong and relaxed for as long as possible.

Hospice has allowed me to continue with only the Montana Arnica as pain medicine, for which I am exceedingly grateful. Dignity and gentle ways are very important to me, and the Solfeggio inspired SomaTuner tones do allow my body to more easily transmit calm which clearly enhances his productive coughing and deep breathing in rest. Please witness my gratitude for all these blessings.

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Sounds of Happiness!

Christmas songs often tell of rebirth consistent with lengthening of the days. The sounds of winter wind and storm fade into the background with warm gatherings and opportunities for renewing friendships on a new and greater level. While I enjoy the abundant Christmas bustle and group visits, I find myself turning often to my place of inner quiet where my inner symphony awaits my own attention.

The anticipation of the symphony orchestra conductor tapping attention is the same for my tuning into my inner quiet place. A deep breath while gifting myself the grace of my still point even stops my parakeet budgies from full cacophony right now. I sense them resounding with my inside song, and now they quietly chirp along in a contented way tucking their heads under their wings to rest. In this manner I am able to offer others my quiet place during this holiday time. My friends and family are free to bide a while in concert with me or to continue on their way in their own song.

Tonight I take my guitar to visit my Father. His Christmas present at age 97 and a half tonight is to hear soft guitar strummed songs. Come, sing with me tonight.

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Making Sound Choices

Finding my inner quiet is simple when I am alone. I just draw a single breath consciously in through the nose and out through the mouth. I hear a symphony inside that is readily available for my listening pleasure gracefully coming into focus as the body sounds quieten in rhythmic breathing.

The trick for me is remembering to breathe in my quiet when around ailing parent, depressed friends, and an upset person at the cash register in a store. Using the tuning fork tones as an aid can and does help me resolve any confusing interaction energies. Of course my emanation is my responsibility. And breathing rhythmically is available whether my tuning forks are at hand or not. Yes, I acknowledge that I am the own tuning fork. Sometimes it is really nice to just use a tool to help me reclaim my inner quiet.

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Facebook, American Express, and Shopping for the Holidays!

Thank you Facebook and American Express for helping me overcome my fear of marketing! Please like my site. Yes, I have services to market as well as tuning forks and other goods to sell. I am looking for community with those who want to be the best they can be near me. I have found the Solfeggio Tones help me reduce stress and see more clearly what helps me be better. I am finding more and more it is about claiming my betterness with heartfelt gratitude. Thanks for coming. Thanks for reading my blog.

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Phase 1&2 of the SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique

David Hulse has rewritten the Level 1 manual into a Phase 1 manual released in October, 2011. I have received my Phase 1 replacement manuals and Certificates of Attendance with the expectation of offering a Phase 1 with 12 contact hour classes before Thanksgiving. Please contact me for class times offered out of Fairfield, CA.

The Level 2 manual was rewritten in 2010 and has now been renamed Phase 2. I have the appropriate manuals and kits in stock and available for 12 contact hour class training in Fairfield, CA.

The SomaTuner training on use of the weighted Body Tuner manuals have not been affected. I have the appropriate manuals and kits in stock and available for the 6 contact hour class training in Fairfield, CA. San Jose, CA and Napa, CA hostesses would like to support classes in their areas.

Danielle Hamilton, http://www.essentialtruehealing.com/, has graciously offered to hostess in San Jose, CA. Marypat Lee, http://www.livingextraordinarylives.com/, has graciously offered to hostess in Oceanside, CA south of Los Angeles and north of San Diego. Ask me about being my host/hostess in other locations.

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Requesting Quiet

“…and remember what peace there may be in silence.” Desiderata

In the hustle and bustle of eldercare, accounting client work, creating tax servers, and training for the new tax season, and creating opportunities for Solfeggio tones, I remind myself of potentiated silence that my internal dialog calls “quiet”.

Out with the tuning forks, quiet the body, and the mind follows one breath at a time. My world is born anew.

Sitting at the stoplight, watching the beauty of sunset, practicing internal quiet one breath at a time are now new. As I tend to my own needs and act from my quiet center, the potentials of life unfold and display the abundance of beauty surrounding me.

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The Inspiration Behind SolfeggioSound.com

Clearing emotional trauma completely from my body had proven challenging. I found the Solfeggio tones afforded me a unique opportunity to clear my physical, mental, and emotional trauma. While it is true my every day habitual responses would encourage me to reengage the traumas, I was able to consciously and quickly choose clarity again and again. The bonus is each conscious choice made the habits more easily discerned and eliminated. Solfeggio tones worked so well for me, that I became a certified master sound therapy teacher to offer folks these opportunities in classrooms in addition to private sessions and fairs.

May the information available on SolfeggioSound.com bring you happiness and healing opportunities. I welcome your comments.

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October Energy Changes

With the tree sap returning to earth, I am aware my energies return to my earth roots for the brief winter respite. Today I woke early and began my day with zest and new thoughts abounding. Then I chose to meditate on a specific new thought for five minutes, I found myself awake from a sound and very restful sleep 4 hours later. Adequate nutrition for me at this time includes relaxed conscious breathing, meditation, water, food, rest, and allowing my body to guide me in its seasonal needs. My quality of life includes harvesting balanced autumn energies between the falling leaves of chores completed.

Using the Solfeggio based SomaTuners deepened the quiet energies invited into my day. Using the SomaTuners on myself rather than on my 97 year-old Fathers skin directly allowed him to waken slowly and enjoy the benefits of the tuning fork. Once he woke to my presence, we were able to use quiet thought energies to ponder our potentials and discuss topics of spirit returning to source.

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Sound Therapy for the Changing of the Seasons

With Mother Earth cooling a bit, the leaves are dropping and signaling an early fall. My car tires and airbed need their autumn additional pressure. I need to rethink my seasonal eating habits for including more Vata Aryuvedic foodstuffs. And for those bits of me still stuck in summer, the change of seasons sound tune up is just right.

Happy Autumn!

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Etheric vs Body Tuners in working with Papa

My experiences have me pulling out the etheric unweighted Solfeggio tuners for those folks ready to change or already addressing habitual response so they can make conscious choices now. I am finding a few folks like Grace in their eighties and nineties embracing the clarity and dancing away from habits based in anything but love of their journey. Then there are those like Papa still actively choosing fear as their journey yet still wanting to dip their toes into healing themselves. The etheric tuners offer my Father so much clarity of choice that he fears his own process.

I have found that many of the Solfeggio tone benefits are available through the gentle SomaEnergetics Body Tuners. For my Father, the gentle way calms his emotions and allows him wholesome rest. Offering him tones today did help. Bringing the tones in through my own body emanations was more successful today than working with the tuners directly on his body.

The same had been true with my Aunt. She would hold my hand and allow me to tune my own body though she would object to my touching her with the tuners directly by brushing the weighted tuner off like shooing away a fly. She became calmer and her hospital monitors illumined stabilized readings while holding my hand as I was using the tuning forks with a healing intention on only my own body. In the exact same process today my Father calmed measurably as I used the tuner on myself while holding a healing intention for us both.

Color Body Tuners

Body Tuners

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Tuning Papa

Papa is presently in assisted living. While Tara and her staff are receptive to sound work and support massage, they do not appear to truly comprehend the role of choice in the now.

Papa has had me work on him when other folks were saying he needed to go to emergency though they likewise acknowledged his own ability to choose. Papa did eventually choose to go to emergency of his own free will and was given no more than both antibiotic and a $1000 gallon of saline for dehydration. He was released because he was “too healthy to hospitalize” at age 97. Even using the Solfeggio tones and shared healing intention, his long time habit of dehydration has taken its toll. He is on his fourth round of antibiotics after receiving clearance as under 10% infection in his samples on the third go around. He is now in assisted living with loving and gentle folk who marvel at his clarity and consistency.

Tomorrow I take the Solfeggio tuning forks, and I ask that he and his body agree to the work and to review the need to express urinary tract infections and chronic dehydration. From what I heard him say today, Papa is done with ill health. He stated he wants to exercise. I place my energy toward getting better. I support his healing intention with my presence and my talents with the Solfeggio Tones.

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Reving up for the Day!

The OM tuner is calling me. The new income tax preparation computer is ready after only 2 days! Now it is time to rehab the neck with the OM tuner before morning exercise.
Thank you to every being who provided the materials to complete these projects: Weighted OM Tuner, Acer, MBT folks and thousands of others providing food, making clothing, and also enjoying my walk with me. Yeehaw!

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How can I use the Solfeggio Tuning Fork Tones in my daily life?

This amazing question arrives in my email and over the telephone. The short answer is “Yes, you can use the Solfeggio Tones for your own healing.”

Tom telephoned in exquisite pain related to his swollen jaw; we discussed his healing intention along with the use of his MI fork, 528 hertz. After we resolved his intention down to half a dozen heart-felt words, he hung up the telephone. He toned the MI fork and began soaking the area of his swollen cheek with the miracle tone. His headache resolved quickly; he telephoned to tell me about half an hour later how amazed he was with the process. In a few days he did choose to have a root canal for which I am exceedingly grateful. Once freed of his persistent headache, he was able to think clearly and seek dental assistance.

Was I surprised at his pain relief? I was not surprised. I lived a migraine headache relieved for 15 whole minutes in a noisy San Francisco boothe after 6 pounding pain-filled months with pain killers having no effect and my medical doctor telling me it was “all in my head”. Conscientiously using the Solfeggio Etheric Tuners, my painfree moments increased so that pain moments became an occasional surprise. I am grateful to report that my migraines faded away completely.

I became a Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher because I feel good using the Solfeggio tuning forks. I have now tested many of the tuning fork sets on the market, and I feel the Biosonic Solfeggio tuning forks are the best. I have not passed the other sets along because I have done some presentations comparing the effect of the various forks to small groups and individuals in for a private session.

Please call for your tuning.

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Upgrading Sensory Perception

Stressed bodies request support through an adrenaline buzz, ready for fight or flight. Consequences of continued stress include sensory blinkers to limit the exposure to potential stressors. Even after the stress is resolved, the body often continues the habit of buzz and sensory deprivation.

Using the Solfeggio tones with healing intention allows my body to become still. Once the frenetic stress energy is disengaged, senses are reset and upgraded. Brighter colors are appreciated. More clear hearing allows more effective interaction and communication. Greater awareness of touch and scent release the bondage of habit and assumed consequences. Each moment is filled with new perspectives and possibility.

I like living now with a sensory WOW.

Contact Heidi for your tuning.

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Tuning Fork Quality and Healing Intention

Answering questions on Tuning Fork Quality reminds me of the difference between virtuoso piano and off the shelf mass production pick one of 600. To the ear there may seem to be little difference on a crowded street with foot and vehicle traffic background.

In a concert hall where the intention is listening to the subtle energies of sound, the differences please audiences. Like pianos, tuning forks carry subtle energies. Sound intensifies the body healing response to the shared intention of the client and practitioner.

As a SomaEnergetics Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher, I teach with and use Biosonic tuning forks produced under the guidance of a concert pianist, John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. The clear tones quickly work with cells of the body resonating the shared healing intention for the sound therapy session.

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Sound Therapy and Heightened Sensory Awareness

A recent telephone caller asked about the results of sound therapy. Among my personal sound therapy experiences is a reduced internal stress level that automatically provides the resources for greater awareness. His response was to ask how the senses were heightened. At the time I answered his question, I asked whether he was aware that he had use of internal visualization when reading Braille, and he agreed that he had a process similar to seeing through his fingertips. I suggested that with heightened relaxation there would be more resources available so the whole body would sense input in much the same manner.

When I walk into a room without people, I immediately have a sensing of the room size, tone of light and sound, smell, and a general weaving of the senses of comfort with drafts or closed windows and much more subtle information. When I walk into a room with people there is the sensing of the attitude of the folks before receiving the general impressions of the room.

After a sound therapy session, the emotional input is similar to a room recently holding people but now empty, a sense of a void. The attitudes are carried for a while though the senses tell me the attitudes are clearing to bring into focus a more subtle awareness of the room characteristics of my life. If I liken this room to my current emotional perspective, then I am able to process the subtle emotional energies to rearrange or remove furniture of habit, open doors and windows to change of air, and other ways to change my internal views. Merely observing my emotional state changes my entire perspective and ability to interact with new input even as changed paint on walls alters the reflective tone and odor as well as the quality of life experience.

A reduction in internal stress and internal chatter after a Solfeggio sound therapy session feels to me to be gently filled to overflowing with an abundance of new and heightened sensory perceptions.

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Congratulations to Marypat, Dolores, and Richard!

Thank you, Marypat, Dolores, and Richard for the awesome Level 2. We had great food and location to learn advanced techniques for the benefit of all. In addition to the powerful Level Two building on SomaEnergetic’s trademarked Energy Vitality Technique, we discussed remote healing, quantum energy, dna response and subtle energy as presented in the literature of the ages. Subtle energies are freely available to all as prana, chi, photons, golden streams, essence, as well as life force. Incorporating pranic breath with the power of intention in a healing space facilitates client stress release, and we practiced the techniques on each other as part of our learning processes. We made plans for coming together in the future to share our experiences and our friendship. Please stay tuned for more news and for additional class information.

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Level 2 in Oceanside, CA for July 18-19

Open enrollment for Level 2 in the Energy Vitality Technique can be done by contacting me using the contact me form below or fax/telephone/email Heidi. Level 2 is a required class toward national licensing as a Sound Therapy Coach through SSHLB. This is a two full day class with both instruction and hands-on practice. Check with me for scheduling additional workshops and meet-up events.July18_19OceansideLevel2 to Tim

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Level 2 in Fairfield, CA the weekend of May 21st

A Level 2 class will be taught in Fairfield, CA the weekend of May 21st. Please use the contact form to receive further information.

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Nuclear Radiation as Environmental Information can be Properly Digested

The Solfeggio Tones aid the body in processing many types of foods–mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Environmental information carried in the winds is just one more foodstuff for the body to process.

The frequency of 528 hz has unique capabilities of repairing dna as documented decades ago. More recently there have been writings of 528 hz used by the medical profession today in repairing stem cell dna in vitro. Although 528 hz is not part of the current classical piano scale, it is in use in other musical instruments including the native American flute, East Indian Sitar, meditation cds, and internet you-tube. Please think out of the box and look through your eyes of love to release any fears. Please dust off your resources: play that tuning fork, put in a cd in the player, go to www.youtube.com for some sound bytes, etc. to calm the senses to improve digestion of all experiences at every level available.

Please embrace the 528 hz healing opportunities made readily available for digesting the information about environmental surroundings.

I do teach classes in the use of all the Solfeggio tones as well as provide private sessions which aid digesting experiences, processing trauma and fear as well as pain relief.

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What question comes up most frequently?

Most often folks want to know how I became involved with the SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Tuning Forks. My answer is that I had been praying for guidance on the next step of my healing journey. I had a catalog for a San Francisco healing fair that I opened haphazard to gaze mid-column and mid-page an advertisement for tuning forks to see the words pain relief. I had never been attracted to tuning forks beyond E for my guitar tuning. So I grabbed my pendulum and asked a series of questions.

Long story shortened, I was able to drive myself to Bart to get to the bottom of a hill with the fair goal not quite in sight. After the struggle to get there and in the door, the noise of the fair had my migraine on high intensity pain. When I got to the boothe, Tim of SomaEnergetics placed the OM tuner on my upper chest and my 6 months of throbbing migraine disappeared for about 15 minutes. I bought the OM and a set of etheric tuning forks. I began working with the OM tuner right away. The next day my collarbone clunked into a painless position when I placed the OM tuner directly on the collarbone. Such a sigh of relief came from me!

I unwrapped and worked with one etheric tuner a week by itself and in combination with the OM tuner. By the time the Level 1 class came in June, I knew each of the forks, what each one did for me accompanied my beloved chirping parakeet, singing joy with the gentle tones. And I had worn out the demo VHS tape that came with the forks.

In 2010 I became the first nationally licensed Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher (CMSTT). I delight in offering private sessions. I have been asked to present information on the Solfeggio tuning forks. I teach Level 1, Level 2, and Body Tuner techniques using the Solfeggio Etheric Color Tuners and the Color Body Tuners, both of SomaEnergetics trademark. And my parakeet chirps his contentment whenever I play for him and his extended family.

Thank you, Anne, for reminding me of the joys of this journey.

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Balancing Small Business Owners’ Overwhelm into Stress-less Success

Many thanks to Toni for helping me bring my focus to the next level. With tax season offering small business owners like myself challenges in year-end reporting, I find myself constantly taking pause to breath and state my present options. The tool “I am tempted to…..” is encouraging me to move quickly into creation of my own choosing. As synchronicity after synchronicity manifests, I understand more clearly how focus on the present opens doors to friendships old and new. One synchronicity of yesterday is being contacted by a client who had visited a weekend healing festival boothe long ago. Her desire had been tested by moving states away. Please witness my gratitude in all these opportunities in choice!

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CPA and CVSMT Sonic Healing

I dedicate this message to Sandy of Workforceunited.org and our lovely telephone conversation on advertising my Certified Public Accounting and sonic therapy businesses this morning. We handled the accounting business and moved to the sonic therapy. What an inspiration it was to hear Sandy internalize the concept of Solfeggio tone sonic healing and shared healing intention between two people!

So what happened? I explained that trauma is often stored as holographic memories. Often I find the pictures that come in dreams or in meditation are a request from the cells or at the cellular level for me to process in love a specific trauma or a series of cumulative traumas of the past. Whether it is from accident or overwork, trauma accumulates like sand in a stream eddying about unless emotional history is intentionally reviewed and cleared in love, “Thank you for the learning experience, and I am done with that.”

OK, Heidi, say this another way. My dislocated collar bone voluntarily relocated the FIRST time in more than a year when I knowingly and intentionally set the stem of my first OM tuner on the constant dull throb at collar bone joint to the sternum. Yes, there was a moment of flashback to the fall and searing pain when my body reclaimed its rightful position. After the clearly recalled image/clunk/pain, there was awesome pain free stillness of gratitude resonating throughout my body like ripples of a drop falling on a quiet pond. Because of my own body responses, I have completed my master teacher certification. I offer private sessions and train classes in Levels 1, 2, body tuners, and short presentations. I have been presenting body tuner tones with the OM tuner to gently clear the sensations (visual, sound, touch, taste, smell) used by the client body for storing their trauma until we intentionally offer the body opportunity to consciously clear cellular memory by rightful processing in love. This process is very similar in results to massage therapy though the muscles are gently manipulated by thousands of waves of tone rather than by hands.

Is this a guarantee that your results would be the same? No, results vary because healing intentions vary. I find the body generally prefers to cycle better rather than heal the trauma(s) at one time. This is especially so when it is a journey of older traumas. Also it appears to me that ease and grace and joy in healing is much more relaxing for everyone when their individual steps are taken while consciously breathing gratitude into the body. Rather than trying to jump a flight of stairs, the body often internalizes the lifting of gratitude step by step in tandem with changing old habit through conscious choice. Better conscious choices cycle the daily journeyinto better balance of motion, memory, structural integration, and spirit.

I would love to speak with you on bettering and balancing your healing journey. I do  sell the tuners in addition to teaching the classes. Please contact me for more information.

Color Body Tuners

Body Tuners

"Sa" OM Tuner

OM Tuner

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Happy New Year Studies in Balance of Entrainment, Cymatics and Resonance

I have been carefully studying the effects of entrainment with family members as a form of service to them. I am actively choosing to emanate my own vibrations. The nature of entrainment is to match frequency to those around. To gently and clearly choose my own resonance is as simple as taking a breath out of synchronicity with the person or people nearby. I am finding the other person will often choose to balance themselves at the moment I acknowledge the need to choose my own path by choosing to balance myself.

Entrainment with family is taught at birth. I choose to center and balance my energies in my love. Once I am whole in my loving acceptance of my center, it is easeful and graceful to offer my acceptance and love of self to family members. I find this is a gentle process. More importantly, I find loving self is much more gentle on my body than entraining to the vibrations or “serving” or measuring my acceptance of the resonance in others by matching their frequency. I choose my own resonance in a gentle expression of love of myself. I offer you my love.

Transitional times are matched with transitional sounds. A lovely demonstration of controlled sand reorganizing for resonance is available at


Happy Holidays to you.

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Happy Holidays!

Do you know of 6 or more in the western US, or 25 or more in Australia, England or Europe near you ready for training on bringing the Solfeggio tones into daily life? Let me know so we can schedule a class and private sessions or remote tuning work!

I have translated the Level 1 Energy Vitality Technique manual into German, and I would enjoy traveling to Germany or German speaking engagement in addition to people understanding American English.

Please contact me for presentations, remote energy work, or teaching Level 1, Level 2, and body tuner classes near you!

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Using the Weighted OM Tuning Fork

Breathe in and out. Pick up your fork. Breathe in and out.

*Hold the OM tuning fork by the stem without touching the forks.

*Tap the tuning fork on the outside palm of the hand on the fleshy part or on a tennis ball or hockey puck or hard rubberized surface

*Listen to the tuning fork The listening allows the body to fill the Sushumna of the spine and spinal fluids with sound chi. Listening to each ear individually by passing the tuner over the top of the head encourages both halves of the brain to engaged and focus as one unit. This is very important as most of our everyday lives stresses or engages one-half of the brain and that half frequently becomes overstimulated. Listening with both ears entrains BOTH HALVES back together so they begin chatting and acting as one big omnibrain in coordination with with the bioenergy, chi, qi, ki, photon, essence, goddess weave, life force–whatever name you wish to name the glowing energy envelope surrounding the skin and available for photograph by various aura capable cameras. The artists used the halo gold to show the same visible frequencies that mystics describe.

*Touch the stem to the sternum in the center of the chest and then to any ouch points. Listen for clicking muscle releases of tension and place the humming stem on the area of the release to add more sound chi nourishment being moved to and through the area.The body will pull the sound chi from the Sushumna resevoir to the areas requesting more chi, and the sound nourishment will continue to center the body for several hours after each session.

I find my OM tuner brings my body to the center still point each session with increasing clarity. The session results are cumulative as m body comes to center ever more quickly. I choose to drink lots of water to help the body supersaturate and return to its balance point"Sa" OM Tuner.
May the OM tuner be a blessing to you.

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Choosing to breathe!

Ready…set…GO! Inhale through the nose gently and quietly to feel a gentle stretch of the chest and abdomen, and exhale slowly and gently through the mouth. Simple, right? How many of your weaves did you just consciously engage? Did you feel only the physical body weave with a slight happiness at your choosing to consciously breathe? That slight happiness is the emotional weave wishing to participate.

Let us engage the emotional completely: try the breath again, in through the nose and out through the mouth and own that your body rejoices in the conscious breath! Feel the difference?

Now let us bring in the mental weave with an affirmation. At this moment my affirmation is: “I choose to happily bring the balance of breath to my mind and body.” Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth brings renewal of body, mind, and emotions.

Bringing the spirit weave into the breath with the affirmation: “I choose happiness and wholesome thoughts coming into my body as I consciously exhale and express my knowing the perfection of this breath now.” And the third breath brings the owning of a perfect moment of balance of inflow and outflow.

Adding the weaves of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell to breath is affirmed with:
*Sight: “I choose to see the golden particles of love entering through the top of my head, dancing and lighting my brain to overflowing down to my heart and exhaled through the front of my body to my energy field. ” Sometimes I envision the solar flare photon energy clearly gifted to me to facilitate my breathing.
*Sound: “I hear the song of the ages bring new life into my body through my breath, and with my exhalation I allow my vocal chords to sound with quiet or tone of this complete cycle in breath energy.”
*Touch: “I choose to feel the cool air tickle my nostrils and gently open my chest as I feel my body quieten with the balance point before I gently exhale as I release my excesses back to the flow of life.”
*Taste: “I choose to taste the breath as it passes the base of my tongue and down my throat to fill my lungs and return the taste of my body excesses released back to the flow of life.”
*Smell: “I choose to smell incoming air gifted to me in abundance to fill my lungs and be released carrying the odors of my breath out to the flow of life.”

Information on prana breath is available through many websites and publications. I began consciously studying breath as a child, wanting to swim like the dolphins. Working with Aryuvedic precepts with John Peterson, MD in Muncie, teaching beginning classes under the Himalayan Meditation Yoga Center of Indiana for a summer in the 1980’s, and Deepak Chopra materials as well as through my meditations, I came to cherish the interchange and solace contained in the abundance of air in an inbreath, consciously choosing gentle breath over triggered emotions more often than not these last years. With the loving encouragement of Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling. I consciously choose photon breathing many times in a day.

I offer you the encouragement that I choose to keep close to my heart. This is a 1980’s quote from Betty at the Emissaries of the Divine Light in Muncie, “Let each breath be a blessing.”

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Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce has been a lifelong resource with my first contacts with him dating back to 1967 or earlier. His views on nutrition blended with my own. His views on sound healing blend with my own. I had been aware of Pythagorean and other tuning forks. When the SomaEnergetics Solfeggio tuning forks entered my life and the tones began gently nuturing my sound awareness to a place of balance, I purchased and investigated the other tone systems in yogic, pythagorean, other Solfeggio tuning fork systems, and fractional sounds of the A=440 scales. The just intonation of the SomaEnergetics Solfeggio whole hertz frequency waves combined with my healing intentions offers my body a sound nurition. I find reduced stress and heightened happiness is available to me and to my budgies, my parakeets. who greet the tones with happy chirp sing-a-longs. In future posts, I will include quotations from Edgar Cayce readings on sound healing. In the meantime, here are videos of and about Edgar Cayce which I enjoyed on YouTube. Edgar Cayce Video, nerve system/reflexology, Egyptian Legacies, Castor Oil Pack.

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Making Water Boil with Tibetan Bowls

Sound has been used in the last decades for environmental clean-up by Western cultures: modern smoke stacks have been outfitted with sonic filters; waters have had pollution cleared through sound vortexes. Eastern civilizations have used sound for everyday solving of problems. The attached video shows how water can be cleared using Tibetan Bowls, bringing the water to boiling.
Caduceus magazine has reported on sound and the effects of sound on the body.


In the Chant to St. John the Baptist, the Solfeggio note of SOL is to be used to solve our polluting thoughts and intentions.

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Solfeggio Blog

The tones of Moses’ Book Four-Numbers-are frequencies represented by cymatic symbols found in Rosslyn Chapel. http://www.crystalinks.com/stuart07.html

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Solfeggiosound.com Blog and Information

Sound therapy using Solfeggio tones brings stress reduction. Presenting the tuning forks to both ears encourages the body to listen actively and engage more Omnibrain resources in the present moment. Weaving both halves of the brain back together is part of the SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique. Please contact us for more information.

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Solfeggio Choral Group

I have used mantra song and prayer all my life to transform experiences into more loving circumstances.  I invite your suggestions.

I give an example of what worked for me:  When something big sniffed at the door of the tent while backpacking near glaciers surrounding Meek’s Pass near the Grand Teton in Jedediah Smith Wilderness of Wyoming with my Father, I burst into glorious mantra prayer (Psalm 23 in entirety in alto) and the sniffing was gone instantly!  Oh, my Father woke and grabbed the branch sequestered by his sleeping bag.  I knew inner peace for the song had stated our position as well as my tone or essence.  I knew in absolute certainty there was protection for the big sniffer as well as for us! (The bearbag was far away and up very high!  No food, dear bear!) 

I intend to protect my choices as well as myself in these times of transition.  I wish to sing songs of praise centered in the six Solfeggio tones of transformation.  Stuart Mitchell’s book was insightful, http://www.stuart-mitchell.com/order_rosslynpdf.htm. Also the work of Deepak Chopra working with primal sounds for several decades was useful, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNa61dJ74rU&feature=player_embedded#at=12 I invite comment on how this is best manifested.

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Solfeggio Sound Stress Reduction!

Welcome to Solfeggio Sound Blog! The Solfeggio frequencies are part of the Just Intonation scale often used for Gregorian Chants and mantras.Ut_Queant_Laxis_Resonare_Fibris_[Hymn]

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