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What does SolfeggioSound.com mean for me? Brian Mattis captured on video why I continue to work with the Solfeggio tones to reduce habitual stress and to encourage developing attitudes embracing serenity and happiness documentary. If you have difficulty with the documentary link loading, you may paste cut and paste this address: http://youtu.be/mI9NeT6ANp0

AuraImaging.com recorded the lightshow of an omnibrain tuning for Douglas as he experiences the Solfeggio tones for the first time. His expressions may appear to not change at first viewing. Multiple viewings clearly show his relaxation into experiencing omnibrain. His experience was similar to most folks in that he left the expo early and went home to enjoy the new sensations of peace and well-being that extended into a deep sleep and waking refreshed in the morning. A few creative folks celebrate their breakthrough with a multiple hour creative episode before sleeping a normal cycle and waking completely refreshed into a brand new creative episode. Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOyVljT03fk

My Deepak Chopra “The Higher Self” tape series bought over a decade ago defines “superstition of materialism” as “we are a skin-encapsulated ego confined to a bag of skin and bones that is imprisoned in a cage of space, time, causation that has allowed us to squeeze ourselves into the volume of a body and the span of a lifetime.” This superstition has little to do with the scientific methods of quantum energy. Captures of light body interacting with the dance of soundlight and Solfeggio Tones is displayed by the AuraImaging.com video above and in a photo taken by Rev Cindy Norlinger where the branches of the tree are clearly unfocused above my head.