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Biofeedback: Aura Imaging Post Tuning Session Reintegration

Making video of the tuning sessions has allowed me to appreciate the energy flows captured by the Aura Imaging system. It is great reinforcement of the level of energy available through the tuners and through collaborative healing intention.

Overall through the learning provided by several dozen folks, the most beneficial processes appear to be having a closing recording. Allowing the person to discuss their session before the video allows the practitioner and the client to review the intention, insights gained through the session, and follow-up actions. Watching the energy reflected through the computer brings into clear focus the use of words, attitudes, and thoughts invigorating energy so that the new biofeedback tooling becomes innate. To hear the “Wow, that is what I had been doing to myself” followed by the realization that refreshed energies are an attitude and breath away is awesome.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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What is gene transfer?

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary reprinting 10% into the kindle version states:
“The sharing of genetic information via gene transfer speeds up evolution since organisms can acquire ‘learned’ experiences from other organisms. (Nitz, e al, 2004; Pennisi 2004; Boucher, et al, 2003; Dutta and Pan 2002; Gogarten 2003) Given this sharing of genes, organisms can no longer be seen as disconnected entities; there is no wall between species.”

Logically, seeking our inner peace through the use of the Solfeggio Tones could alter our genes and speed up evolutionary learning. This learning would then become available to others around us as a ‘learned’ experience.

Join with me spreading inner peace one heart at a time through Solfeggio energy tuning.

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Walking the Earth Path-Part 4

It is all about choice! Breaking free from habitual responses means looking carefully at choices and intercepting the habits ever earlier in the habitual response cycle.

Many thanks from Jasmine Zheng for finding my ebook interesting. She liked it enough to translate Journaling into a Chinese version! Her choice was to make a difference, and she said if even one person was helped that was enough for her! She enjoyed my concepts enough to both translate the ideas as well as to gift Chinese version copies of the book to friends and family! What a blessing to have these ideas available in Chinese and as a paperback, and I am so grateful for this opportunity The ebook kindle verison is available at: http://www.amazon.com/Manifesting-Inner-Tranquility-Journaling-Abbys-ebook/dp/B00K0Y0RKE where the book is available for download for $2.99.

The Chinese and English version is available at: http://www.amazon.com/Manifesting-Inner-Tranquility-Journaling-Refinement/dp/1633140032 so please check it out.

Thank you, Jasmine!

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Walking the Earth Path-Part 3

Choice is present though it may be hidden in the folds of time. The parturation scene in the movie Matrix follows the famous red pill/blue pill decision. There are consequences to each decision. The choice of habit (blue pill) or the choice for new experiences of the unknown (red pill) can lead to releasing those energies no longer serving us. Most choices are not as traumatic as depicted in the movie. However, some are. The Solfeggio tones are available to aid in release of the emotions not based in a loving self. That release is part of moving on in a gentle and caring manner.

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Walking the Earth Path-Part 2

As I change, the things about me change. In the dance of life, movement is forward, backward, round, up, down, sideways..cycles within cycles. Every choice is a choice between creating a miracle or further embedding habit. The characteristics of habit include an energy body that needs to be continually renewed. The funding of habit becomes much like an addiction–the more energy consumed by refreshing the habit, the more energy is needed to continue. Fatigue sets in; habit appears easier than creating new experiences. Changing any one single thought or action will break the trend unless habit is allowed to resurface and control.

The easiest single change for me is conscious breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

The second easiest change for me is to be completely grateful about any one thing. Picking a fingernail and congratulating it for being strong today is a great beginning. Feeling the gratitude through a weave of the senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and/or hearing the scratch of the fingernail on my skin brings in omnibrain sensations and puts me well down the path of grace. As I express grace, the things about me also express grace.

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Walking the Earth Path: Part 1

On this earth journey I have known many injuries to body, mind. emotions, and spirit. The injuries I have inflicted upon myself, like injecting a rose thorn into my finger with a careless gesture, are often the easiest to heal as there is no emotional confusion woven into the event. Those injuries apparently inflicted upon me from the outside have proven the most stubborn to eradicate, and I have come to know this is because at some level I invited in, earned or requested the injury through inappropriate thoughts, responses, words, and deeds or by special request of my spirit that I may better learn to walk in the footsteps of another whose path I may not have viewed with even the simple compassion side of love. Through my behavior I had embedded an emotional confusion that became necessary to release.

As I experience it, healing old injuries is an imperative requirement for moving on with my life. I continue to view healing as a natural process, and I honor the fact that the body lusts to clear injuries completely. For me, using medications as a crutch to shield receptors from pain interferes with healing through to release. Releasing mental, spiritual and physical attachment to the injury leads to the emotional memory of the injury, and eventually leads to the emotional thought-form creating the injury as an energy weave clearing. Leaving the thought-forms embedded requires the body to mobilize greater resources to bring attention back to the source of the disturbance. The body’s cellular memory has vast resources to mobilize, and I prefer the signals of small skirmishes with ego and inner resolution to peace over great battles involving other beings and locations.

Releasing played out emotional thought forms appears to me to be an art of refreshing depleted energies to leave only the memories of the experience without emotional vexation or supercharge. Through proper intention, tools like Yoga Nidra and the Solfeggio Tones may be brought in to align surging emotions and heal the creation weave completely. Releasing the emotional binds to the memory has for me proven to finalize the healing into complete clarity of the present moment.

I find this growth into letting go becomes a celebration of self-mastery. Moving the energies marks the change from participant to that of an observer of a movie or a video game to be played or reviewed. Like masters of Chess continue to study the games of others even after they know a level of mastery, so earth bound rainbow elders like me are free to continue life reviews so long as drug intervention does not disturb or impede the wealth of information available through the healing process.

In my karate training, there had been rainbows of colors leading to the attainment of the black belt, symbol of the first level indicating mastery. This mastery quest of rainbow learning weaves itself throughout my life. In the upcoming blog series, I celebrate the life of the Crystal Rainbow Elder. In the next few days I will be presenting methods I have used successfully to move past emotional blockage and defeat, so please check back often.

Journaling has been important in my studies of self-mastery. Please check out my Amazon ebook Manifesting Inner Tranquility: Journaling for fundamental methods I have used to work through this mission critical internal process.

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OTTO Tuners and Refreshing Calcium Balance

Each OTTO tuner is an octave of the key of C: 32, 64, and 128 hertz. Historically 128 hertz has been used by the medical and chiropractic professions to detect the presence of a broken bone as it triggers muscle movement in injured areas, creating intense pain at the location of the break.

My use for the long 32 hertz placed on the breastbone is to refresh thymus energies for calcium use. The 64 hertz refreshes energies in tendons, ligaments, and discs to allow the body to remobilize calcium for healing or to release the calcium after healing has finished. The 128 hertz refreshes use of calcium in muscles for rapid healing of sports injuries and carpal tunnel. 128 hertz will also encourage fully recovered muscles to discharge the sharp calcium crystals back to bone marrow and bones.

I have designed a brochure for the OTTO tuners, and it is available in .pdf OttoTuner Uses

I sell OTTO tuner sets as well as selected other BioSonic tuning forks on location in Fairfield, CA. I offer private sessions, speaking engagements, and classes on this and other tuning fork uses upon request.

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Yoga Nidra Venue Sought

I am seeking a venue for weekly, recurring yoga nidra classes within 25 miles of the junction of I80 and I680. An ideal class would begin at 7PM to 8PM with the meditation beginning at 7:15PM after a short introductory discussion. After the session quiet will be observed to allow the meditation healing processes to continue with minimal interference.

A meetup.com listing would be as follows:
Invitation Phrase: Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Self-improvement, Consciousness, Spirituality, Wellness, Energy Healing, Stress Relief, Alternative Medicine, Healthy Living, Stress Management, Transformation, Holistic Health and empowerment.

What to bring:
Bring your own blanket, pillows & water bottles (8.5 alkaline water available on site). We will consciously invoke healing energies in shared yogic conscious relaxation.

Time allowance and Etiquette:

It is recommended that silence be practiced afterward. Allow at least 10 minutes before driving. Drinking water after the event is highly recommended to bring closure and wakefulness. (Pre)Registration limited to ___ due to space (as necessary).

Details on the instructor and instruction guidelines:
Heidi Schunke is a certified practitioner who has studied under Dr. Marc Halpern. No pets and no children who might be unable to participate quietly for 45 minutes of yogic conscious relaxation, please, as a courtesy to others. Discussions and intentions will be discussed before the session. Closing discussions will be held outside the healing space as desired. Please see SolfeggioSound.com for more information.

I would appreciate your feedback and your consideration of locations for this class. Please contact me with specific details and information.

You may also contact me through facebook.

My Yoga Nidra cd is available on Amazon.com as part of the Abby’s Glory Series, Manifesting Inner Tranquility.

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Written Clarification for Journaling the Elder Futhark Contextual Uses

Thank you for questions on my journaling books, and especially thank you for asking about the Elder Futhark rune meaning selection. Definitions of the runes in modern American English have been translated many times from origins and into many current languages. The most ardent of scholars analyze text to arrive at the historically and culturally contemplated rune meanings using texts from the carvings on wood, wax, stone, and walls as well as reconstructed museum pieces in use in private homes and public collections. The meanings I have provided in my Journaling the Elder Futhark are those carrying the highest level of meaning for me with words chosen to respect the Elder’s communication. The methods I describe have been used for several decades by myself and my friends in a current cultural context to develop internally directed and reflected energy dialog. My methodology was the purpose of the book, and my friends encouraged me to refresh and release it as a paperback so others could develop their own inner dialog.

As noted on page 7 of Manifesting Innter Tranquility: Rune Journaling the Elder Futhark, Sweyn Plowrights’s The Rune Primer is an example of a scholarly reconstruction of the shifting and changing meanings of multiple runesets within the original culture contexts.

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Aura Imaging at the Globe International Sound Healing Conference

On Saturday, August 27, 2014, I was privileged to offer the Solfeggio Tones to Douglas Banks ears and head while he was being photographed by Aura Imaging. Examples of aura images are described along with a video on the Aura Imaging site.

“Kirlian photography equipment captures a subtle field of electromagnetic energy that radiates from all living things, otherwise known as an aura. In Western religious traditions, you can often see it portrayed in art as a halo surrounding saints or Deity. In Eastern religious traditions, it is thought to emanate from the chakras—or centers of energy within the body—and is often depicted as a multi-colored body of light surrounding a person.” See More at Kirlian Photography Equipment

To see the video of my demonstration of the Solfeggio Tuning Forks and the happines the tones brought to Douglas, go to http://youtu.be/BOyVljT03fk

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Being Whole and Completely Present

My success in debunking my concepts of outer life service mentality and submersion of self to the experience vs being present in the circumstance has been tested and retested ad infinitum recently. The last few times there was only the recognition of “I once would have participated in that” along with a quiet realization of quiet. Where once I would have celebrated completion with a smile or a response, there has only been the sense of inner quiet like a boat gently rolling in the ocean. I have tried to express this concept of quiet, and I just found an excerpt that expresses what I call being present with a situation but not of the situation.

Excerpt from Gandaji’s You are That page 312 on service: “When you see yourself in another form and that form is suffering or confused, what is in the best service of truth?
To be absolutely quiet. Quiet provides the only true help, and from the depths of quietness, either particular action or nonaction will naturally arise. No thought is needed for direction. Anything else is involvement in a particular story of suffering. As long as you are involved in the particular story of suffering, you are overlooking what has never suffered. Recognize what is whole and complete, now and eternally. True recognition is the mother of all acts of compassion.

Quiet holds the whole spectrum of behavior. There is a ruthlessness and relentlessness to compassion, as well as a gentleness and lightness. The whole range of experience can serve truth.”

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Edgar Cayce on Planets referenced to Planetary Tuning

Jeffrey Furst’s Edgar Cayce’s Story of Attitudes and Emotions speaks to the effects of planetary alignment. “Spiritual contact is (made) through the glandular forces of Creative Energies…Thus we find a connection and an association of the spiritual being with the mental self in any of those centers (glandular) from which reflexes react with all the organs, all the emotions, all of the activities of a body. (263-13)” A list of planetary links to the glands follows:
Jupiter to Pituitary, Mercury to Pineal, Uranus to Thyroid, Venus to Thymus, Mars to Adrenals, Neptune to Leydig, Saturn to Gonads (281).

Jeffrey then goes on to remind us that what is important is to fully accept the past memory or event, real or imagined, and then detach. Since thoughts are things, recognize the memory or event was all part of an experience designed for soul growth. Assigning good/ bad or any duality judgement impairs detachment and increases the difficulty of understanding self and offering compassion and forgiveness to others in our experiences.

The Solfeggio tones can be used to assist reaching the detached state of emotions. I am not saying erase the experience rather offer emotional clarity to the viewpoints. While it is useful to remember experiences, there is no need for the emotional tug to act as a fleck of debri on the gland, reminding us to habitually play the same track on the cell memory over and over. I am saying clean the cd so you can enjoy the full gamut of choice living a vigorous and vital life. Healing intention plays a key role in this change. Sharing healing intention with me as facilitator may be very beneficial to your process.

I offer private sessions for care and cleaning of energy centers by assisting you to move through your stuck places. Please contact me or book a private session by clicking here or in the upper left hand corner of the website.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 17

My ebook Manifesting Inner Tranquility: Journaling: Abby’s Glory Series describes in detail a method for focusing authentic choice.
Table of Contents:
To guru or not to guru?
How does denial become alchemical transmutation?
How do I convince my cells of my intention?
Practice, Practice, Practice!
Celebrating Changes!

Authentic choice for me is a honed and honest tool arrived at through discernment and periodically reviewed to celebrate the learning and further hone my methods of choice. My tone of joy is sounded as my internal clarity of choice and discernment becomes tested and improved. Please check out my ebook on Amazon.com by clicking here.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 16

My paperback is listed on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1633140008/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_asp. In it I offer my method of energizing runes and then drawing in order to develop self-trust and dynamic inner dialog. Tracking the repeating runes is very important to the tone of decisions and the moment of choice.

Using the ElderFutharkJournalForm regularly encourages finding embedded choices lurking deeply in the subconscious. Repeating patterns are encouraged by the people that surround us both by learning contract and by choices enacted. Once the pattern can be consciously brought to surface, the split-second choice to react and repeat, or choose change, or to offer sacred pause and release contracts can be easily and joyously accomplished.

The second I can say, “Thank you very much, and I am done with that lesson!” with a smile on the face and in the heart, the soul smiles completion, too. Oh, there will be a few retests to be sure I really am done. The learning process gently and gracefully moves on.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 15

My marketing skills have been limited to telling my own truth. This remains a self-imposed strategy, and I do not see that core changing. However, I have felt a new lightness when offering explanations of how to do circular breathing and what frozen emotions represent to the body and how the Solfeggio tones release the frozen energy back to now. I feel words like:
our cellular brains may be tiny, yet as a collective these cellular brains carry much more capacity and much less interference than the gray matter that is so easily programmed by others.

Statements like the roller coaster ride of visual perceptions on ‘TV’s blow it up and forget the consequences’, and the ‘cellular response to the clanging of a siren’ are rolling off my tongue. Poking fun at the highly developed sensual triggers of the media feels like my only recourse for how ridiculous marketing ploys have become. “Truth is still the Truth” said Gandhi. Truth does not need to be sold but only reminded or offered as a glimpse. For instance:

Your eyes are beautiful just the way they are, without all the gum and glue.

I appreciate that your nose has a zit in the corner, and your body is healing beautifully!

I enjoy the freedom of having my hair mussed by the wind and not falling back into habit.

Life is unconquerable; I choose life’s unexpected results and all.

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Self-Healing Tones-Part 14

The blessings of time shared with kindred sprits is amplified when healing intention is present. After 3 days of working with UT, RE, MI, FA, SOL, and LA of the Gregorian ages often called the Solfeggio tones along with the DNA, SomaTuner, and OM tones with healing intention, the world feels bright indeed.

The SonaTuner product by SomaEnergetics can be used in ways similar to accupressure. The tones penetrate deeply through skin and muscle tissue, massaging and releasing embedded memories while promoting the healing effects of Nitric Oxide (hereafter NO). In the article “Sound Therapy Induced Relaxation: Down Regulating Stress Processes and Pathologies” by Elliott Salamon, and Minsun Kim, John Beaulieu, and George B. Stefano, spiking NO was documented as a physiological process reducing cellular tension. Finding indicators of stress and methods to measure stress reduction resulted in documenting the study of cellular Nitric Oxide manufacture and release as a puffing cycle. When cells are puffing nitric oxide in normal rhythmic cycles, the puffing:

*Enhances cell vitality, vascular flow and heart healing
*Destroys bacteria and viruses at a micro level which naturally enhances our immune system and increases our ability to prevent and fight infections
*Increases resistance to stress and greater levels of energy and stamina
*Sharpens mental clarity and diminishes states of depression due to the balancing of the autonomic nervous system
*Improves digestion and natural cleansing
Plus it simply feels good to breathe with ease and grace. I would love to document with million dollar studies the effects of the class training this past week. At this time, I simply do not know how to document separately the effects of healing intention and of cellular response to healing tones along with the synergy that clearly is present when used by several folks together. Both on their own are impressive tools. Combining focused intention with historically documented healing tones enhanced by the synergy of kindred spirits has proven very beneficial to me yet again.

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Self-healing Tones-Part 13

Practice, practice, practice is part of the walk in tonal healing.  We will be practicing June 4th in Boomtown on the CA/NV border.  My hostess wants to practice some of the techniques with her teacher-me.  I am delighted to work with her, and we will be meeting at the half-way point!

Practicing the techniques allows the sensitivity for the messages of the tuning forks to mature naturally through discernment.  Clarity is a buzz word right now, and several of the folks near me are looking outward into the world, seeking clarity on what to do.    They look at bottles building up in the oceans bringing mass destruction to wildlife.  They tell of chemtrails and mass intervention with health and food.  Then they seek clarity on what to do, looking for great leaps of faith and huge actions.  These are admirable traits, for taking responsibility is the issue here.

My concern is discernment of what is mine to do.  I ask What is true now often.  Another question is What is the next step?  So it simple for me to buy NO plastic bottles–not even for dish detergent.  The few plastic bottles I still have in the household get recycled even down to flowerpot cut-offs.  And I celebrate those folks building greenhouses and other temporary and permanent buildings with plastic bottles as they are fine insulating pockets of air that pass light through admirably.

Discernment with chemtrails and GMOs is the realization that keeping the body energy levels high allows the body to naturally use all of its capabilities.  We have chromosomes for every conceivable protection and a lot more besides.  Awakening the chromosomes of youth, vitality, and discernment is a great way to start the day.  And using sound like a bird, greeting each new dawn with celebration in song.  “Sing, sing a song–make it happy to last your whole life long” is a song often on my lips since first hearing it on my transistor radio 60 years ago.

I agree big things need done; we can do them together.  Starting internally and then seeking the next step is the only way to run a marathon.  How could living a full and active life be different?  So whistle while you work, sing your song, and be happy in discerning the next step for it is only a step away!


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Self-Healing Tones-Part 12

Sounds rebound. Did you just say ‘Huh?’

Sound carries through water as ripples.  Sound waves travel outwards from source just like water ripples outward from a dropped stone. The water ripples eventually impact a non-water boundary and rebound back to source. So too does sound rebound within the water of the body cells, and the tones returning are similar yet carry the tone of the boundary impact as well as the boundary itself. Resounding is a form of internal payback and can promote internal dissonance.

My truth is every sound and tone played by/on my body, mind, spirit, and emotions will rebound back within myself, much like ripples or echoes. I choose to to be active in my choice of expression.  I am proactive in my study of tones and resonance or dissonance.

What residual sounds are you choosing to let rebound inside your personally inflexible boundries?

I offer Solfeggio sound tunings that will help quieten the rebounds into your own personal smple, harmonic melody.  The results of the tuning last after you leave the table.  Please contact me for more information.

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Self-Healing Tones -Part 11

I have continued my investigation of healing tones with becoming a certified instructor of Yoga Nidra. Called by a different name, I first taught yogic sleep in combination with teaching yoga at the Indianapolis under Rose Getz in the 1970s. My certifying teacher was Dr. Marc Halpern, founder of the California College of Aryuveda in Nevada City. Rounding a circle, healing intentions pulled me back to my early yogic training.

Having two or more share an intention of healing and wholeness is very beneficial in moving past stale and stuck energy. Having taught many classes in Solfeggio tuning forks, I had hoped to be able to receive the blessed sound treatments in reciprocity. Returning to my early yogic training was seemingly predestined.

During this teacher training course, the class was invited to have teacher and student-teacher sessions. Each session afforded stillness meditations aimed at increasing prana flow through all levels of body, mind, and spirit. As this is a guided relaxation, We were given increasingly longer breaks between sessions to assimilate the fresh energies. Many of us would remain for a half hour or more after the session. Stillness meditations were encouraged to allow the quiet energies to percolate through all levels.

I find myself comparing the yogic and sound healing methods. Both bring the body, mind, and spirit to the same internal healing space. Shared healing intention and sacred space are key to both processes. Both are amazing healing methods. Self-discipline is necessary to maintain the energy flow and intention for both modalities. Step by step the changes manifest toward balanced energies and self-awareness of healing potential.

Journaling also develops healing intentions. Please see my e-book on this topic called Manifesting Inner Tranquility-Journaling published by SolfeggioSound Press and sold on Amazon.com. In this book I provide a selection of methods I have used to move through my compulsive service mentality and into objectively looking at the choices available to me in the current moment. Objectively looking at what is going on now is a training process, and the results are that choices become more refined and fun.

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Self-healing Tones-Part 10

Celebrating life can take many forms. I begin with internal celebrations. An awareness of overcoming a long-term self-limiting habit deserves celebration! Weaving an all body celebration internally is only a breath away. A simple breath celebrating all the elements (air, space, water, earth, and fire) can be an instant party using imagination. Bringing in all the elements can be inhaling gold prana energies from the crown as the lungs fill with air along with earth energies entering from the feet. These join in the middle with the fire of the soul star visions and are released to the space surrounding the body. Instant inner confirmation of a self-realized change.

And there are always opportunities to celebrate on the outside: http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=0951cfb0d2ed43fc5e7d97cf3&id=5c02ff4804&e=cb9d7f3a62 is one equinox celebration in Petaluma, CA tomorrow. Have fun celebrating life!

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